Would The Real Can Do Campbell Please Stand Up ?

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Well the shit hath hiteth the faneth in the words of Shakespeare (ok so im paraphrasing a little). But today (somewhat inevitably some would say) The Fake Can Do Campbell was outed on Twitter and I am not the first nor will I be the last to be not only saddened by this, but to be outraged ! Yes outraged ! Come on people ! Cant anyone take a joke anymore ?

The Twittersphere went ballistic today with people claiming left right and centre to be the fake Campbell in an act of support to someone whose tweets we have all come to enjoy.  The Fake Campbell is funny, insightful and lets face it a lot more interesting than the real person.

I recently got to interview the Fake Campbell and he is great ! The sad thing that has clouded the issue is that people were so concerned with finding out who the imposter is that a lot of people have missed the point !

None of that matters ! Not who he is or what he does for a job when he isn’t being funny on Twitter what matters is that people felt like they were getting a say. People felt as though finally they were being heard ! Whether or not the real Campbell Newman ever read it was beside the point for most followers.

Like me most people enjoyed the opportunity to have a whinge and say what they really think. And now because someone decided to play silly games a lot of people may lose that opportunity and I for one think thats a real shame !

Now we can all sit back and potentially lose something that made us all smile because some snotty brat couldnt shut up ! Clearly they havent read my blog post “If You Cant Say Anything Nice Then Shut The Hell Up”. Why did we all have to know? Wouldnt it have been better and a lot more fun if he had remained nameless ? Do we always have to know the identity behind the caped crusader ?

I mean come on people you will all admit that Spiderman is way hotter in the suit then when he is Toby Maguire right ? Or Bruce Wayne ? Not to mention Catwoman without the secret identity and that hot catsuit she is just a shy retiring nerdy secretary !

A little mystery is good for people it makes life more exciting, it gives us all a little thrill. And I know your all nodding your heads right now cos lets face it a little kinky role-playing between consenting adults is never a bad thing. Now ok so maybe Can Do Campbell role-playing isnt sexy and admittedly if you find it kinky ill be a little concerned, it’s the premise behind it. Without the mystery it’s just not as dangerous and therefore not quite as fun.

I for one hope that because of one big mouth we don’t lose this funny, entertaining twitter feed! Its kept me laughing and smiling and its given a lot of people a voice. And I guess for all you weirdos out there who think Campbell is sexy its given you something to perve on you sick freaks ! (but who am I to judge?)

Damn the Man save the Fake Campbell ! At least he is funny !

BlondiieC (A Fake Campbell devotee)


P.s If you want to read my interview with the Fake Campbell Newman it’s under the Interview category and If you want to read more about all of this then keep your eyes peeled because like the good little thing I am I have already asked the Fake Campbell for another interview so he can address the backlash and he has kindly agreed ! So watch this space people I promise you wont be disappointed !

Oh and Fake Campbell, I may not think that Campbell is sexy but you will always be a Bruce Wayne to me 😉

ANZAC DAY – What It Means To Me

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For so many people ANZAC Day is a day to give thanks, a day to remember, and a day to solemnly reflect. For me it is all of those things and it is so much more. I know so many people who wake before dawn to attend dawn services and people who devote their whole day going to the march through town. That makes me feel so proud to be an Australian.

For many years I have gone to services and marches, I have paid my respects and cried tears of real sorrow as they played the Last Post. Nearly every person in Australia has been personally affected by loss from the many wars Australia has fought in.

I have had family fight in the Wars, I know a victim of the Nazi concentration camps, I had a dear friend commit suicide after completing his tour in Iraq. I know people who have lived with the effects of post traumatic stress syndrome as a result of the atrocities they saw in Vietnam. I had a friend pass away recently who fought in two tours of Vietnam and lived out the rest of his days battling the images in his mind. I have friends who are currently serving in the Army and the Navy.

To all of you, I say THANK YOU, thank you for your courage, your sacrifice, your fearless determination and for laying your life on the line so that I have the privilege to live in a country where I am free to speak my mind, to take my child out into a safe environment where there are no bombs being dropped or war being waged on our soil. I thank you for giving yourself mind, body and soul for a country that at times was very lack lustre in their thanks.

Today is a day to say thank you, it is not a day to air grievances. I am saddened that today of all days politicians have taken the opportunity to speak their mind about irrelevant topics and tie it into ANZAC Day. I have heard politicians use today to speak about issues like Gay Marriage and Islam and many other things and is if that wasnt bad enough they have used today to say that the ANZACS didnt fight wars to afford people the right to gay marriage. To them I say ……What does any of that have to do with ANZAC Day ?

ANZACS didn’t fight conditionally, they did not pick and choose what freedoms they fought for. The outcome of their fighting and the giving of their lives was they we have the freedom to speak our minds. That doesn’t mean we should abuse that freedom. It is a great disrespect to assume you know why anyone fights for their country. Right now Australia has gay men and women fighting in our military, are they not ANZACS ? Do they not fight for freedom ? Should they fight conditionally for what some archaic polly thinks is right ? No they fight for freedom from persecution, and not just for us but for people around the world to enjoy the same freedom that we are so blessed to enjoy.

Today is a day to reflect, a day to solemnly remember those who went before us, it is not a day to pick and choose which minority you will beat up today. You should be ashamed of yourselves! ANZAC day is not here for you to beat your political drum and to get on your soapbox.

My Grandfather fought in WW2 and I can garuntee that he did not go forth in battle thinking about which particular rights he was fighting for that day. I dont believe that soldiers who fought in Vietnam chose which issues they fought for. No they went fearlessly and tirelessly into battle day after day so that we had the right to choose what was right, so we had a voice and so that the people they were fighting for had those same rights.

Every time you get on your soapbox and say the first inane thing that comes to your mind you disrespect the memory of those soldiers. To take the life of someone who died for their country and trivialize it is sacrilegious and disgraceful. YOU make me ashamed to be Australian. I am proud to share my country with a diverse mix of people. Black, White, Pink, Purple, Gay , Straight, Transgender, Bi sexual, Punk, Emo, Goth, Jock, Nerds……I embrace you all.

ANZACS I am proud to be Australian, I am proud that we live in a country that believes in multi culturalism and freedom for all, even if there is a few bigots among us who think otherwise ! Politicians need to think before they speak! The next time you stand up and fly off the handle with the first ignorant thought that comes into you pea brain spare a thought for the soldiers that died so you could abuse the freedom of speech.

I am proud to have a multicultural family, I am proud to have friends who are gay,lesbian,transgender,friends from different races and different religions. I am proud that I live in a country that affords us all those opportunities. You should be proud too! Everyone deserves their freedom, freedom to choose their religion, who they marry and what they do with their lives. Its just a pity that there are still narrow-minded politicians that don’t see it that way.

So today not only do I thank the ANZACS for the wars they fought on battlefields, today I say thank you for the battles you fought that gave us freedom beyond anything you could have ever expected ! You are heroes!



If You Cant Say Anything Nice……Then shut the hell up


I just have to say that due to some recent comments and other nasty things being done I want to clarify a point here. I am a person I do have feelings, I get upset and I cry and I feel sad when people are mean to me.

I know when u read a blog or someones tweets they are a picture and words they are not flesh and blood and so its easier to disassociate yourself from what you’re saying or doing. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt the person behind the picture. And im not just speaking about myself here either. So many times I see judgements flying and people running off at the mouth with the first thing that comes to mind without a single thought for how the person on the receiving end may feel.

I know we live in a free country where we are allowed to say whatever we want and that’s great, I don’t think that is a licence to hurt or judge or bring down someone else just because your having a bad day.

I’m so tired of nastiness and ridicule and people not stopping to consider how they affect others. I’m tired of trying to raise a daughter amid a climate of judgement. I’m tired of hearing about bullying on the news and the decline of humanity because seemingly people can’t think before they speak.

Every day now we see stories of children bullied until they snap and mothers living a life that is riddled with stress because they fear judgement from other mothers over their choices in parenting. ITS GONE TOO FAR ! Sure Australia is a nation of piss takers but when is taking the piss too much ? That’s what we should all be asking ourselves!

I was raised by a mother who told me “if you can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all” and “always be good and always be kind” I was raised with the value not to hurt someones feeling and to hold my tongue and be the bigger person and for 90% of my life I have done just that. But im fed up, ive had enough.

So to anyone who wants to have a go please engage your mind before you engage your fucking mouth. I don’t blog to have insults thrown at me. I blog because I want to share things I find funny or books I enjoy. So if im not messing with you then don’t mess with me. Everything I post here is just for fun or to share it’s not to set the world on fire or change the world.

So please be nice, not just to me though. Be nice in general consider that the people you are having a go at are people with feelings and they get hurt. Consider what you gain from being nasty and from taking from someone else.

If you want to make a difference to people then use your mind not your mouth !