Confessions Of A Shopaholic – Movie Review

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Being a self-confessed book devotee I am always one to say that the books is always better….I did actually read the book in this case (as I normally do) and this time was no exception. Confessions Of A Shopaholic is a great book. Sophie Kinsella  is a great writer of girly fiction and this series is particularly good.

If I’m being honest the shopaholic series is a stand out for me from the rest of her books. I was excited to see this movie after enjoying the book so much and while it was a great film it simply couldn’t hold a candle to the book.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic stars Aussie “it girl” Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood. Isla Fishers’ charming personality and witty joke cracking make this movie a far better experience than it might have been if someone else had been cast in the role. This a fun movie filled with great one liners but it lacks the same punch as the book.

The story centres around Rebecca Bloomwood a shopaholic with a serious spending problem. To use the word obsessed would not be too extreme. Rebecca is facing mounting credit card debt and has no way of paying it off until she gets a job at a finance magazine. This is supposed to be ironic as she has no idea how to manage money but gets paid to tell other people how to do it. The joke falls a little flat in the movie but the story lin ia lot more involved in the book and its reads better.

This is a cute girly movie with lots of fashion, cute men and witty jokes. Will it appeal to a large audience? no probably not but if you’re a fan of girly flicks this one is worth the effort. If you enjoy the movie I urge you to read the book it really is a fun and funny read that will make you laugh out loud and feel Rebecca’s pain over each swipe of the credit card.

This movie is not a world beater, but its infinitely enjoyable. One to watch with a group of girls, some chocolate and lots of champagne !

2.5 stars from me !



Sunshine Cleaning – Movie Review

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Last night after realising that my brain could no longer take another episode of Hawaii Five-O I sat down to watch a movie and WOW what a brilliant movie.

Sunshine Cleaning is the story of Rose (Amy Adams), she is down on her luck and the world is giving her an almighty kick up the arse. Just when she thinks its can’t get worse her son is expelled from yet another school for being “different” and she faces the challenge of moving him to a private school. Rose is a single mum and works tirelessly as a cleaner just to make ends meet, so when she sees an opportunity to make a little more money she grabs it.

How bad can it be right ? Cleaning crime scenes will be just like cleaning houses, with a lot more blood. She takes on her little sister Nora ( Emily Blunt) who can’t seem to keep a job and together they form Sunshine Cleaning. A business devoted to cleaning up the messes no one else wants to. From suicides to grisly crime scenes they do it all and some truly hilarious moments follow.

This is a simple story of middle america, hard-working people getting paid minimum wage and barely scraping by. People will identify with Rose’s struggles and the beautiful relationship between her and her sister Nora. There have been a lot of movies like this, stories of single mothers down on their luck, but their has never been one this good.

This is a beautiful and touching story that grabs you from the opening scene right until the end. Sunshine Cleaning is a slice of life many people never consider exists and certainly would never want to be a part of. This movie is sweet and touching with dark moments that are so heartbreakingly real you may even shed a few tears.

Sunshine Cleaning is exactly the sort of subtle human drama I love. This is not a movie that jumps up and down and demands your attention but it will not disappoint. The performances from Blunt and Adams are superb and the supporting cast is brilliant !

Sunshine Cleaning gets a big thumbs up and 3.5 stars from me !



Something Borrowed – Movie Review

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I saw Something Borrowed last weekend and I loved it. This is the sort of Romantic Comedy that I love. The jokes are funny, the plot is highly believable and the characters are well-developed. This is feel good comedy at its best.

The story line is what you would expect for a romantic comedy, with love, broken hearts, funny one liners and of course a bit of relationship drama. But it’s so much more than that. This is the sort of movie you should see with your best friend. Something Borrowed examines the lengths people will go to for love and what a great friendship can survive.

Something Borrowed stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel in the lead role and she is wonderful. Funny, cute and undeniably appealing, Ginnifer’s character will steal hearts everywhere with her performance. You cannot help but feel sorry for her sad loveless character. She is beautiful in an understated way and that is what makes you like her so much. She is just like a girl you know. She will remind you of your best friend and have you sympathising with her terminal singledom.

Darcy is played by Kate Hudson in a supporting role as Rachel’s best friend and she delivers exactly what fans have come to know and expect from her. Witty humour, a sharp and polished performance and incredible believability. In most roles Kate Hudson is such a likeable character but in Something Borrowed she steps out of that box and takes on the role of someone a lot less likeable and a little bit of  a nasty bitch. But don’t let that put you off she is brilliant !

Something Borrowed is the story of Rachel and Darcy they have been best friends forever but now love threatens to drive a wedge between them. You will be swept up in this story and fall in love with the characters. See this charming movie with your best friend and some tissues. Its a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!



(Something Borrowed is adapted from the best-selling novel by Emily Griffin of the same name.)

Kings Of Mykonos – Movie Review

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Well Nick Giannopolous is back with his wog boy humour but the second time around unfortunately the laughs fall flat. The first offering The Wog Boy was original enough at the time of its release to pull a few belly laughs and a good giggle but sadly as is usually the case with sequels The Kings Of Mykonos Wog Boy 2 is a sad imitation of what was somewhat funny ten years ago.

The Kings Of Mykonos sees Nick Giannopoulos and Vince Colosimo reprising their roles as the quintessential “wog boys” of Melbourne but this time they are off to Mykonos.The story begins with Steve (Giannopoulos) getting a phone call from a long-lost family member in Greece. He has been left a beach front property in Mykonos all he has to do is travel there to claim it.

Cue the bad greek jokes, poor attempts at cultural humour and general crappiness. If The Wog Boy was a 2 star movie this is definitely pushing its luck to get 1 star. Id love to give you a better outline of the story but I feel asleep watching it. Yes it really is that bad. Nick Giannopoulos was obviously hoping to rely on the humour that won him fans with the first movie, with embarrassing dance scenes reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever but without the rhythm or the great sound track.

This movie bounces from one bad joke to another all while desperately flailing around like a fish out of water. Sadly that is the premise of the movie but it just doesn’t work. Nick Giannopoulos has had a shocker with this one and its a shame that the first movie which was ok will now be thrown into the same category.

1 star.

Easy A – Movie Review

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How bad would it be if I said that this movie was a B grade poor imitation of 10 Things I hate About You? Bear in mind I didn’t care much for that movie either. Kinda mean right ? Well too bad, what a shocker. The funniest parts of course all appear in the trailer, and the loose and I do mean loose adaptation and abuse of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is an absolute abomination.

I know that after so many years Hollywood is running out of story lines so they have to dredge up and bastardise the classics to sell tickets but for crying out loud If I am forced to sit through another nauseating, choker of a performance im going to scream.  The sad part of this is that the acting wasnt that bad. The script however was atrocious.

It would seem all you need to do these days to write a successful teen movie is steal some classic writing add in a few references to successful eighties teen flicks and there you go you have a movie that will no doubt yield big rewards at the box office. I really hoped this movie would surprise me with witty one liners and produce more than a wan smile and a stifled giggle but nope true to form this was another piece of drivel served up to drag in some money on school holidays.

2 stars and im being generous !