Love and Other Drugs is one of the more surprising Rom/Coms I’ve seen in a while. For once the characters have depth and the storyline is actually romantic. We have also been spared the terrible one liners that seem to have taken over the genre of late, and for a very pleasant change …..The plot is believable..Yes Im serious it is actually believable.


Love And Other Drugs stars Jake Gyllenhaal as very charming and oh so devilishly handsome pharmaceutical rep Jamie. He is on the fast track with his career and uses his charm to get as far ahead as he can. But all of that changes when he meets the beautiful Maggie played by Anne Hathaway. Maggie is a free-spirited artist and almost the complete opposite to Jamie. Cue sweetness and gag worthy romance …but no not this time.This really is a great romantic film with very little of the token romance and a lot of beautiful acting.

This is of course a love story and yes it does have a lot of romantic moments but there are also a lot of heartfelt moments too. The story is that Maggie is a 26-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with stage 1 Parkinson’s disease, a tragic condition in an elderly patient, but made all the more tragic because of her age. Jamie falls in love with her knowing how sick she is and has to adjust to how life is going to be for them both if they continue their relationship.

The plot is simple, no surprises or great twists but it is the sheer simplicity of it that makes it so utterly beguiling. Anne Hathaway is at her absolute best in this role and it is easy to see why she has so many fans. She is stunningly beautiful, elegant and talented. And Jake Gyllenhaal proves his acting abilities know no limits in yet another surprising role.

The relationship sizzles on the screen and it is clear to see they enjoyed working together as their chemistry is astounding. The story line is sad and definitely one that will make even the hardest hearts melt. I cried and I laughed and my heart broke for the characters. I finished the film and I felt sad that it was over. I really enjoyed this movie so much more than I thought I would.

I like a good romantic film and im partial to a good laugh but this really is so much more than that. It is touching and sweet and just beautiful. If you havent seen Love And Other Drugs do yourself a favour and go and watch it immediately you wont be disappointed.