Fallen is the latest release from the queen of crime and gore Karin Slaughter. Once again living up to her namesake Karin Slaughter has delivered another knock out crime novel. Lovers of Karin Slaughter will be delighted to see the return of heroine Faith Mitchell, the butt kicking young cop that so many readers have fallen in love with. Faith is a brilliantly written multifaceted character that many readers have really formed a bond with.

Fallen sees her return with a new baby and facing down criminals in her own inimitable style. Fallen sets off at a cracking pace as do all of Slaughter’s novels, with Faith coming home to find a trail of blood leading into her home. Her infant daughter locked in the shed and her Mother’s gun missing. Evelyn, Faith’s mother is nowhere to be seen and Faith’s home is littered with dead bodies.

Fallen of course also sees the return of Sara Linton and Will Trent, characters made famous by Slaughter’s earlier novels. Will is on hand to help Faith with the investigation and they will need the help of trauma doctor Sara to help them along. Faith struggles in the search to find her mother and faces barriers thrown up at every turn. The Police close ranks and protect a truth that Faith isn’t sure she wants to explore, but she will have to in order to find her mother and face down the people she thought she could trust.

Add to the mix that Faith is now not only investigating her mothers disappearance but she is also being treated as a suspect and you have the perfect mix for an outstanding whodunit.

Karin Slaughter really sets the pace from the first page and with Fallen she keeps it going right until the end. This is an absolutely cracking novel full of suspense and lots of blood and gore. Karin Slaughter is not for the fain hearted but lovers of crime with really enjoy this newest offering from one of my favourite crime writers of the moment. If you haven’t read Karin Slaughter yet, now is the time to discover how great she is!