The Wreckage is the latest book from Australian master of crime Michael Robotham. Readers who have previously enjoyed the work of Michael Robotham will be excited to hear that this latest offering is even better than the earlier ones. He really has hit it out of the park this time and I know anyone who reads The Wreckage will really enjoy the rollercoaster thrill ride you are taken on.

Fans of Michael’s earlier books will be excited to see the return of some old characters and a whole host of new ones too. He has really set the bar high with The Wreckage; it is a gritty political crime thriller that brings back the character of Vincent Ruiz, a character that many fans already enjoy reading.

Michael has delved deeper with his writing and the result is stunning. This is fast paced, political, edge of your seat writing that will have you hooked from the first chapter. The story starts with Vincent Ruiz rescuing a young woman from a violent boyfriend, but of course it’s not as it seems and he wakes the next morning to find that he has been set up and robbed. As he tracks down the thieves, he discovers the boyfriends tortured body and learns that powerful men are looking for the girl. What did Holly Knight steal that is so important to them?

Meanwhile in Baghdad, the bank robbery capital of the world billions of dollars in reconstruction funds have gone missing and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist LucaTerracini is trying to “follow the money”. The dangerous trail will lead him to London where he teams up with Vincent Ruiz and together they investigate the disappearance of an international banker and mysterious “black hole” in the bank’s accounts.

Bouncing around to different exotic and sometimes fearful locations this is the perfect mix of espionage spy thriller and criminal psychological drama. Brilliantly mixing contemporary issues with fast paced action The Wreckage is the sort of book that will have you looking behind you when you go out, and questioning who people really are. This is the perfect crime story from money to murder and far beyond. Robotham’s style is efficient with his wording and utterly compelling. Told in a terse and often times sharp fashion the books reads like the characters would speak. This is further proof of why Michael Robotham has won himself so many fans.

If you haven’t read Michael Robotham before then now is the time to start, The Wreckage is a brilliant story that will appeal to anyone who enjoys quality crime writing. Do yourself a favour give this great Australian author a go you won’t be disappointed.