Being a self-confessed book devotee I am always one to say that the books is always better….I did actually read the book in this case (as I normally do) and this time was no exception. Confessions Of A Shopaholic is a great book. Sophie Kinsella  is a great writer of girly fiction and this series is particularly good.

If I’m being honest the shopaholic series is a stand out for me from the rest of her books. I was excited to see this movie after enjoying the book so much and while it was a great film it simply couldn’t hold a candle to the book.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic stars Aussie “it girl” Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood. Isla Fishers’ charming personality and witty joke cracking make this movie a far better experience than it might have been if someone else had been cast in the role. This a fun movie filled with great one liners but it lacks the same punch as the book.

The story centres around Rebecca Bloomwood a shopaholic with a serious spending problem. To use the word obsessed would not be too extreme. Rebecca is facing mounting credit card debt and has no way of paying it off until she gets a job at a finance magazine. This is supposed to be ironic as she has no idea how to manage money but gets paid to tell other people how to do it. The joke falls a little flat in the movie but the story lin ia lot more involved in the book and its reads better.

This is a cute girly movie with lots of fashion, cute men and witty jokes. Will it appeal to a large audience? no probably not but if you’re a fan of girly flicks this one is worth the effort. If you enjoy the movie I urge you to read the book it really is a fun and funny read that will make you laugh out loud and feel Rebecca’s pain over each swipe of the credit card.

This movie is not a world beater, but its infinitely enjoyable. One to watch with a group of girls, some chocolate and lots of champagne !

2.5 stars from me !