Last night after realising that my brain could no longer take another episode of Hawaii Five-O I sat down to watch a movie and WOW what a brilliant movie.

Sunshine Cleaning is the story of Rose (Amy Adams), she is down on her luck and the world is giving her an almighty kick up the arse. Just when she thinks its can’t get worse her son is expelled from yet another school for being “different” and she faces the challenge of moving him to a private school. Rose is a single mum and works tirelessly as a cleaner just to make ends meet, so when she sees an opportunity to make a little more money she grabs it.

How bad can it be right ? Cleaning crime scenes will be just like cleaning houses, with a lot more blood. She takes on her little sister Nora ( Emily Blunt) who can’t seem to keep a job and together they form Sunshine Cleaning. A business devoted to cleaning up the messes no one else wants to. From suicides to grisly crime scenes they do it all and some truly hilarious moments follow.

This is a simple story of middle america, hard-working people getting paid minimum wage and barely scraping by. People will identify with Rose’s struggles and the beautiful relationship between her and her sister Nora. There have been a lot of movies like this, stories of single mothers down on their luck, but their has never been one this good.

This is a beautiful and touching story that grabs you from the opening scene right until the end. Sunshine Cleaning is a slice of life many people never consider exists and certainly would never want to be a part of. This movie is sweet and touching with dark moments that are so heartbreakingly real you may even shed a few tears.

Sunshine Cleaning is exactly the sort of subtle human drama I love. This is not a movie that jumps up and down and demands your attention but it will not disappoint. The performances from Blunt and Adams are superb and the supporting cast is brilliant !

Sunshine Cleaning gets a big thumbs up and 3.5 stars from me !