I saw Something Borrowed last weekend and I loved it. This is the sort of Romantic Comedy that I love. The jokes are funny, the plot is highly believable and the characters are well-developed. This is feel good comedy at its best.

The story line is what you would expect for a romantic comedy, with love, broken hearts, funny one liners and of course a bit of relationship drama. But it’s so much more than that. This is the sort of movie you should see with your best friend. Something Borrowed examines the lengths people will go to for love and what a great friendship can survive.

Something Borrowed stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel in the lead role and she is wonderful. Funny, cute and undeniably appealing, Ginnifer’s character will steal hearts everywhere with her performance. You cannot help but feel sorry for her sad loveless character. She is beautiful in an understated way and that is what makes you like her so much. She is just like a girl you know. She will remind you of your best friend and have you sympathising with her terminal singledom.

Darcy is played by Kate Hudson in a supporting role as Rachel’s best friend and she delivers exactly what fans have come to know and expect from her. Witty humour, a sharp and polished performance and incredible believability. In most roles Kate Hudson is such a likeable character but in Something Borrowed she steps out of that box and takes on the role of someone a lot less likeable and a little bit of  a nasty bitch. But don’t let that put you off she is brilliant !

Something Borrowed is the story of Rachel and Darcy they have been best friends forever but now love threatens to drive a wedge between them. You will be swept up in this story and fall in love with the characters. See this charming movie with your best friend and some tissues. Its a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!



(Something Borrowed is adapted from the best-selling novel by Emily Griffin of the same name.)