I thought I would chance a visit to Mud Dessert Bar last night and to say I’ve heard mixed reviews would be being kind. I have heard raves and I’ve heard some really bad reviews too so I decided to check it out for myself to see what all the fuss was about.

My first impressions were good, the interior is beautiful and decadent and completely fits the chocolate theme of the restaurant. We sat outside which I found definitely detracted from the vibe of the place. However it was so packed inside I didn’t want to be crammed in with so many other people.

The menu is bizarre, It’s tapas and  dessert which struck me as a weird combination. I personally think sticking to just desserts would be a better way to go. We had already enjoyed dinner elsewhere so we only checked out the dessert menu which was amazing! The range was impressive and mouth-watering reading, however the prices were rather steep. I expect to pay $19 in an upmarket restaurant but not a sidewalk café.

The range was good at first glance but really it was just all chocolate and ice cream served many different ways with the odd exception of Banoffee Pie and Sorbet. I had a sundae which priced at $16 seemed a bit over the top, and to be honest it was. It was a glorified bowl of ice cream in a pretty glass. My friend had the sorbet and it too was exactly what it was, prettily presented but nothing mind-blowing.

Perhaps I have been spoilt by the amazing offerings at such brilliant dessert restaurants as Freestyle and Max Brenner but this really was pretty average. I’m sure true dessert lovers would enjoy the experience but it left me feeling a tad disappointed.

The service was slow but very friendly, we waited 35 minutes for a cup of coffee and then dessert arrived just before the coffee did. I understand that it was busy but to wait that long seemed ridiculous for a bow of ice cream and a short black.

All the wait staff were a young eclectic mix and very helpful and friendly. They were by far the most appealing part of the whole experience. With two girls in particular making up for all the bad parts of this restaurant. They were friendly, great to deal with and apologetic for the slow service times. The owners should be very pleased that the staff are the saving grace of this rather bland experience.

While I won’t discount giving Mud Dessert Bar another chance they certainly wont get more than that. My overall rating for Mud is not great but check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Service…. 2.5 out of 5

Menu…. 3 out of 5

Staff ….4 out of 5

Ambience….2 out of 5

Overall Rating….2.5 out of 5

Mud Dessert Bar is located in Oxford Street Bulimba.