Well Nick Giannopolous is back with his wog boy humour but the second time around unfortunately the laughs fall flat. The first offering The Wog Boy was original enough at the time of its release to pull a few belly laughs and a good giggle but sadly as is usually the case with sequels The Kings Of Mykonos Wog Boy 2 is a sad imitation of what was somewhat funny ten years ago.

The Kings Of Mykonos sees Nick Giannopoulos and Vince Colosimo reprising their roles as the quintessential “wog boys” of Melbourne but this time they are off to Mykonos.The story begins with Steve (Giannopoulos) getting a phone call from a long-lost family member in Greece. He has been left a beach front property in Mykonos all he has to do is travel there to claim it.

Cue the bad greek jokes, poor attempts at cultural humour and general crappiness. If The Wog Boy was a 2 star movie this is definitely pushing its luck to get 1 star. Id love to give you a better outline of the story but I feel asleep watching it. Yes it really is that bad. Nick Giannopoulos was obviously hoping to rely on the humour that won him fans with the first movie, with embarrassing dance scenes reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever but without the rhythm or the great sound track.

This movie bounces from one bad joke to another all while desperately flailing around like a fish out of water. Sadly that is the premise of the movie but it just doesn’t work. Nick Giannopoulos has had a shocker with this one and its a shame that the first movie which was ok will now be thrown into the same category.

1 star.