How bad would it be if I said that this movie was a B grade poor imitation of 10 Things I hate About You? Bear in mind I didn’t care much for that movie either. Kinda mean right ? Well too bad, what a shocker. The funniest parts of course all appear in the trailer, and the loose and I do mean loose adaptation and abuse of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is an absolute abomination.

I know that after so many years Hollywood is running out of story lines so they have to dredge up and bastardise the classics to sell tickets but for crying out loud If I am forced to sit through another nauseating, choker of a performance im going to scream.  The sad part of this is that the acting wasnt that bad. The script however was atrocious.

It would seem all you need to do these days to write a successful teen movie is steal some classic writing add in a few references to successful eighties teen flicks and there you go you have a movie that will no doubt yield big rewards at the box office. I really hoped this movie would surprise me with witty one liners and produce more than a wan smile and a stifled giggle but nope true to form this was another piece of drivel served up to drag in some money on school holidays.

2 stars and im being generous !