Yes so it’s a bit a of big moment for me, to date I’ve only ever been in the local paper. Although to give myself a little ego stroke I have been on the cover twice! yes twice (such a celeb) haha. Anyway I digress. Today I was beyond elated to discover that my writing has made it to the next echelon ……The Brisbane News !! Yes so it’s not quite winning a Pulitzer but for someone who has always aspired to have my writing in print its a bit of a moment.

I have blogged and reviewed and launched the book Mama Couture and it was part of my review that made it to the Brisbane Times. Cue major ego growth and head swelling. It’s a fantastic book and Moya is an inspirational mother, blogger and writer who I really look up to, so it was no surprise that after I calmed down and started to breathe somewhat normally again, that I became somewhat overwhelmed by the experience.

Every writer dreams of seeing their words in print and I am an unashamed media whore. Yep I like to see my name in print. Hey preferably I’d like to one day see it in lights but I’m afraid that ship has sailed. So it is with great pride that I am bragging *cough  I mean telling you all, that Yes I have finally reached that first step on the writers journey and my name is in print. Now excuse me while I go and do a little happy dance and a give myself a very satisfying pat on the back! Oh and just in case you’re not impressed by my boasting I have included a piccy to show you how truly wonderful I am.

All jokes aside, this really is a proud moment and I hope that it’s not the last time ! But my boasting and ego boosting aside make sure you check out Mama Couture by Moya Kate its a fabulous book ! You wont be disappointed !

Thanks to the Mama Couture website for sharing this piccy !