Day 11 Song 11 – 30 Day Song Challenge

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Day 11 is a song from your favourite band, I have more than one favourite band but anyways I shall only pick one ……For the sake of keeping the classics alive (cos they are infinitely awesome) I have chosen The Beatles !

Day 5 – 30 Day Book Challenge

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Day 5 is A Book That Reminds You of Somewhere…..Well hmm, This is a hard one ! Well as much as I would have liked to be far more creative about this I am going to say Sex And The City simply because 1. It’s set in my favourite city in the world and 2. Most people forget that Candace Bushnell wrote a book long before it was a TV show !

Im In The News !!

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Yes so it’s a bit a of big moment for me, to date I’ve only ever been in the local paper. Although to give myself a little ego stroke I have been on the cover twice! yes twice (such a celeb) haha. Anyway I digress. Today I was beyond elated to discover that my writing has made it to the next echelon ……The Brisbane News !! Yes so it’s not quite winning a Pulitzer but for someone who has always aspired to have my writing in print its a bit of a moment.

I have blogged and reviewed and launched the book Mama Couture and it was part of my review that made it to the Brisbane Times. Cue major ego growth and head swelling. It’s a fantastic book and Moya is an inspirational mother, blogger and writer who I really look up to, so it was no surprise that after I calmed down and started to breathe somewhat normally again, that I became somewhat overwhelmed by the experience.

Every writer dreams of seeing their words in print and I am an unashamed media whore. Yep I like to see my name in print. Hey preferably I’d like to one day see it in lights but I’m afraid that ship has sailed. So it is with great pride that I am bragging *cough  I mean telling you all, that Yes I have finally reached that first step on the writers journey and my name is in print. Now excuse me while I go and do a little happy dance and a give myself a very satisfying pat on the back! Oh and just in case you’re not impressed by my boasting I have included a piccy to show you how truly wonderful I am.

All jokes aside, this really is a proud moment and I hope that it’s not the last time ! But my boasting and ego boosting aside make sure you check out Mama Couture by Moya Kate its a fabulous book ! You wont be disappointed !

Thanks to the Mama Couture website for sharing this piccy !



Mama Couture – Book Launch


Well its official Mama Couture has been launched here in Brisbane and is in store now at TLC Books. We celebrated the launch of this amazing book of Monday night and I thought I would share a bit about the night !

We celebrated in true girly style with champagne and beautiful pink cupcakes in abundance! We hosted Moya Kate’s launch at TLC Books along with approximately 40 guests. The night was beautiful and the store was packed to capacity. We are all big fans of Moya’s book at TLC Books and the excitement was palpable on the night.

We kicked off at 6.30pm by greeting all our guests with a glass of bubbly to get us all in the mood for some laughs and some stories. The guests mingled with Moya and got to ask her about her experiences with writing her début novel Mama Couture. Then we heard from Tanya Caunce owner of TLC Books who spoke a little about the immediate interest we have had in the book and how much we all enjoyed reading it. Then I got up and said a few words and told everyone a little about how much I enjoyed the book and then it was over to Moya.

Moya started off by giving us all some background into her experiences of motherhood, writing and raising four children. Moya is a well-known blogger and is a proud mummy to four gorgeous kids. But of course she is also a writer. She held us all enthralled with her stories of managing her time between writing and motherhood and the struggle to get her book published. Then it was time for her to regale us with a little excerpt from her hilarious book.

Moya read from the Labour scene, which was very appropriate given that it was Labour day here in Queensland. She dedicate her reading to women everywhere who don’t have a national holiday to recognise their efforts . She also gave thanks to an array of talented female writers that she looks up to including, Virginia Wolf, Miles Franklin and Djuna Barnes and talked about the importance of recording women’s stories.

Then it was of course time for questions from the audience which Moya handled and answered with great hilarity and a big smile much to the delight of everyone who attended. Then of course we had time for more cupcakes and more champagne. (YUM)

We ended the night with a book signing where everyone was able to get a personally inscribed copy of Mama Couture, Just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mama Couture is a fantastic book, If you haven’t read my review of the book, what are you waiting for ? It’s a great book and it’s absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day. If you would like to know more about Moya Kate head over to the TLC Books blog where you can read an interview with her.

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