Loathing Lola – Review


I read Loathing Lola by the very talented William Kostakis a few months ago and despite my general disinterest in YA Fiction I could not put this one down. I’m not the biggest fan of this genre as I find a lot of books for teenagers tend to downplay their intelligence and portray young girls to be whiney, annoying and generally a pain in the ass!

Which is precisely why I loved Loathing Lola ! The protagonist is intelligent, witty and has a social conscience all without being too preachy. This is no mean feat, in this day and age of whiney protagonists being so popular and the fact that unless you have supernatural themes you will not sell any books, Loathing Lola manages to be everything that good YA Fiction should be. Inspiring, funny, quirky, a little left of centre, relevant and most importantly…Infinitely readable!

Loathing Lola is the story of  16-year-old Courtney Marlow. Courtney didn’t really think it through, She thought the offer to have her life broadcast on national television was the perfect solution to her family’s financial troubles…..She was so wrong! She had high hopes, she was going to be a role model, a positive influence, a voice of reason, a “normal” teenager without the boob job and the eating disorder that seemed so fashionable, but Mackenzie Dahl the shows producer has a very different show in mind.

As everyone who has ever watched an episode of Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives will know, reality TV is generally as far removed from reality as possible. True to form Courtney’s ideal show is drastically different to the picture she had painted in her mind. Suddenly Courtney is looking more like Snooki than the saint she intended and the results are disastrous for everyone involved.

Katie Watson, Courtney’s self-appointed best friend is determined to grab her fifteen seconds of fame along with everyone else and her stunts to grab the spotlight will have you in stitches. Follow Courtney, Katie and the rest of the crew through the disaster as it unfolds. This is Big Brother meets Jersey Shore but better!

William Kostakis penned Loathing Lola when he was only nineteen. He had always dreamed of being a writer and his first novel is the sort of work you would expect from someone far older and with a lot more writing experience. This is the perfect book for young adult readers right through to adults. The content is funny, entertaining and thought-provoking.

I read Loathing Lola in one sitting and I cannot sing its praises enough, and it would seem I’m not alone in that. Loathing Lola has been recently released as an Ebook edition and it’s not surprising that it’s already wildly popular with readers of all ages. The best part though ? It’s now available in four parts as the author William Kostakis originally intended. So not only can you enjoy the ease of reading this great story in digital format, but now we get even more of the characters we love. Everyone wins!

I cannot urge everyone enough to read Loathing Lola, you will not be disappointed. It changed me from a cynical YA reader into a devotee of this genre. Loathing Lola spurned me on to read more YA fiction and I have found that while there is a lot of good work out there most of it is based around the paranormal. Paranormal is good but it gets old quickly. So if you have had enough of whiney girls with broken hearts and moody vampires then check out Loathing Lola its fabulous !





Day 4 – 30 Day Book Challenge

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Day 4 is a book that you read to feel down, I love reading sad books it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure actually. While this book is extremely sad, I find the struggle of the family and the weaving of the events in diary fashion utterly compelling. This is a stunning book that I read at least once a year just to remind myself of how bad things once were. A beautiful story that everyone should read !

Day 10 Song 10 – 30 Day Song Challenge

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Day 10 is a song that makes you fall asleep ……..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oops sorry hahahaha ….Well this song is one of my most favourite songs and is beautiful and relaxing and chill and definitely the sort of music I listen to when im going to sleep !