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OK here and now I’m going to reveal one of my guiltiest, dirtiest little secrets, not even my family really grasps the full meaning of this obsession ! It’s a little sick and rather perverse really but I have a massive addiction to religious iconography. Yep you did read that correctly!

The weirdest part of that ? I’m not religious! Yep not a bit. Dont get me wrong I was raised by a Father and Mother who did all the right things I went to a religious all girls school, my father was raised a good catholic and my Mum certainly never had anything against religion. But for me I just don’t buy into it.

But I kind of wish I was religious ! Yes I know its strange but I do, I love religious iconography, I love the feeling you get when u enter a giant cathedral, I even like the hymns but only when they are in latin and I don’t have to hear the bullshit contained within them.

But truly I love it and the tackier the better. I’m pretty sure it all started when I was little maybe 4 or so and my Uncle John he was my favourite uncle ( he was a strict Italian catholic) gave me a miniature statue of the Vatican that lit up from inside. I loved it, I didn’t even know what the Vatican was but that little statue made me smile every time it lit up.

I have been on a quest to find a Virgin Mary nightlight for years and I love the saint candles, Yes its weird and I don’t really get it myself ! I am even into watching bizarre religious shows ! I love the ones with people who are Stigmata and the statues that cry real tears. WHY ? I don’t know !

I love the people who have saved food items that have images of Jesus and Mary on them too. I find it all completely fascinating ! Its tragic and weird I know ! But I know I’m not alone in this obsession and I know it’s not just people who are religious who love it either ! So for you people like me who love it or for the people who just find it all totally bizarre I have included a slideshow of pictures for your amusement ! 😉

Hope you like the pics this is my Easter gift to everyone hahahahaha