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Well naturally its the Easter long weekend otherwise why else would I be writing about it. This year my daughter is 22 months old for Easter and as such I am not really doing anything to celebrate the holiday (mean mummy right). I don’t think encouraging a near two-year old to gorge herself on sugar is the wisest idea for me or for her. (It could only end in tears)

But it got me thinking about Easter and the whole mess this holiday has turned into. Every year we make the same complaints, “Christmas has only been over for two days and already the stocks of chocolate bunnies and easter eggs are filling the shelves as far as the eye can see”.”We only just got over Christmas now we have to worry about Easter already? ” Now I’m as much of a chocaholic as anyone else and I will admit I do dance a little jig every time I see Cadbury Cream Eggs back on shelves, but at what point does this extreme push by huge stores get too much? When does the meaning get lost and it all becomes about the chocolate?.

How many kids honestly know why we celebrate Easter ? How many adults for that matter fully grasp the meaning ? When we are readying ourselves for long weekends and holidays and chocolate overload do we stop and think about why it’s happening ? No. Not really.

I mean sure there are those in the community that make a yearly pilgrimage to church and give thanks before drowning in a sea of chocolate and there are among us, the truly devout who see Easter as a time of grief and a time of celebration.

Now I will freely admit I am not in either of those categories. I am the person who sits home, eats chocolate, enjoys the long weekend and thinks nothing of some dude that died over 2000 years ago. Now that’s not to say I don’t believe or I have an issue with people who do. But what gets to me is, If we are all so caught up in Easter and all that it symbolises then why are we eating chocolate eggs ? or chocolate bunnies ? (P.s bunnies don’t lay eggs, just saying).

Why don’t we gorge on chocolate Jesus figurines or giant chocolate crucifixes? I mean come on, if you want to say thanks why are you eating something that represents nothing to do with the reason we are all enjoying a few days off ? Is it crass to consume a chocolate shrine to Jesus ? Would he be offended ? I think not. And yes I mean that but, hear me out because I know all you Christians out there are shaking your heads in disbelief at me.

I don’t think that the old JC would be sitting up there thinking OH MY those heathens are eating my image, ( I mean we drink wine and eat bread to symbolise him don’t we? ) I think if anything he would be sitting up there thinking “WTF you selfish morons, Do I look like a damn bunny? ) Ok so maybe he wouldn’t swear but you get my drift don’t you.

But let’s get it straight. Jesus died some 2000 years ago because none of us could behave ourselves and so he died to save us and to cleanse us of our sins, one of which is greed yes greed interesting huh. He didn’t die so we could have days off and eat, (another sin which is gluttony) no, he died so we would be admitted to heaven, So why in Gods name (sorry I had to pun it wouldn’t have been funny if I didn’t) are we sitting around eating eggs and bunnies ? They are symbols of a Pagan festival that’s right Pagan. Now Christians, they don’t like Pagans in spite of stealing half their religion and changing it to suit themselves but hey that’s another story all together 😉

So why do we eat eggs and bunnies? Why not mini choccie Jesus or Mary’s ? Just think you could get a whole boxed set of the twelve disciples complete with Jesus all in chocolate ! Is it because it would be sacrilege to eat Jesus ? no it’s because we blindly take whatever is thrown at us and we buy into it. I mean when else in the year would you be willing to pay three-times as much for a quarter of the quantity of chocolate just cause it’s a cute shape ?

Now I’m not saying we should ditch Easter and im certainly not saying we should all start saying our hallelujahs if we don’t believe, I’m just saying think about it. Are u buying chocolate because you believe, are you buying it because you like chocolate or are you buying it because stores guilt us into spending our hard-earned cash on pretty foil wrapped treats, because thousands of years ago some guy died and they saw an opportunity to make some dollars out of it ?

I will of course blindly shop for chocolate treats in the shape of eggs and bunnies next year when my daughter knows what Easter is and I can’t get away with ignoring it any more,(I’m not completely heartless) but I hope that at some point she grows up to question, not just the meaning of Easter but of all these consumer driven holidays.I hope that she grows up and takes a minute to decide for herself if she will play in to the hands of corporate giants or if she will like me forsake the Easter shaped chocolate and say no to something that has gotten warped beyond belief.

I know for me I did all the wrong things this year I ate red meat on Good Friday and I wont wake up tomorrow thanking Jesus for saving me from untold burning hell, No of course I wont. I will wake up and eat some chocolate and say thanks to the powers that be for giving me and my boyfriend five days off together but I certainly wont be thinking about JC. Do I feel bad about that ? Nope not really. Do I think that even half of the population of Australia will stop and think about JC tomorrow ? Nope I don’t!  I think most people will do the same as me.

Whatever you’re doing tomorrow I hope that you have some special time with family and friends and I hope that you enjoy your time together, because lets face it whether you believe or not, we should all be thankful that we get to spend some time with our families. That we get to share our abundance of food with each other and that we get to live a life that is for the most part free of pain and suffering and full of love. Because that’s the true meaning for non believers, its a time to share with people you love and enjoy some relaxation.

I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow. I know for me I may not go to church and give thanks but in my way I’m grateful that I get to share some time with people I love. And so I’ll say JC if your up there…….Thanks, I love chocolate and holidays and long weekends and if there is a Hell I hope im not going there, not for eating chocolate bunnies anyway.



As an aside I should say here I do not wish to offend anyone or make a joke of peoples beliefs, I just wish people would think!