I unlike Blanche have never relied on the kindness of strangers, I have always kept to myself and my thoughts were rarely shared, until recently that is 😉 . Recently I discovered this mad, fun, supportive, crazy world that is blogging. Im sure for anyone who reads my blog regularly (the whole two im sure ) well you will know that I have had some previous drama, some of it serious and hurtful some of it trivial, but all of it annoying and hurtful.

Well today I lost it, I went postal, I blew my stack and all those other good euphemisms. I had enough and I did what so many people seem to do on a daily basis. I spoke my mind, I ranted and I raved and it felt good. It felt good to say what I was feeling, to say a big fuck you to all the assholes who will try to bring you down.

I did all that with no intention than to speak my mind, to free the demons. But it would seem I caused quite a stir. I never expected to have people rally in support of what I said, Or reach out but they did. And not friends but strangers, or virtual strangers if you will pardon the very bad pun.

People I know only by a gravatar or a small twitpic, a facebook profile or a blog spot. Many of these people I have spoken to only briefly, some of them are people I look up to, and some of them are people I have come to consider “virtual” friends. No matter what their relationship to me they extended their friendship to say “thanks for saying what you did” or “hey I hope your ok”.

This is not the first time I have experienced this either, on the first of April I blogged about Autism Awareness Day and got another huge response people I didn’t know who took the time to say thank you and share their stories. And it knocked my socks off.

I never believed that people out there would do that, but they do ! So to all the amazing people, strangers, friends, virtual friends and the people I admire…..THANK YOU for being so kind, you made a shy, self doubting, fearful girl feel very special today ! 😉

I guess from now on the message is a little less of the Stanley Kowalski’s of this world with their brash nastiness and a little more of the sweetly naïve Blanche and her relying on the kindness of strangers.