I just have to say that due to some recent comments and other nasty things being done I want to clarify a point here. I am a person I do have feelings, I get upset and I cry and I feel sad when people are mean to me.

I know when u read a blog or someones tweets they are a picture and words they are not flesh and blood and so its easier to disassociate yourself from what you’re saying or doing. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt the person behind the picture. And im not just speaking about myself here either. So many times I see judgements flying and people running off at the mouth with the first thing that comes to mind without a single thought for how the person on the receiving end may feel.

I know we live in a free country where we are allowed to say whatever we want and that’s great, I don’t think that is a licence to hurt or judge or bring down someone else just because your having a bad day.

I’m so tired of nastiness and ridicule and people not stopping to consider how they affect others. I’m tired of trying to raise a daughter amid a climate of judgement. I’m tired of hearing about bullying on the news and the decline of humanity because seemingly people can’t think before they speak.

Every day now we see stories of children bullied until they snap and mothers living a life that is riddled with stress because they fear judgement from other mothers over their choices in parenting. ITS GONE TOO FAR ! Sure Australia is a nation of piss takers but when is taking the piss too much ? That’s what we should all be asking ourselves!

I was raised by a mother who told me “if you can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all” and “always be good and always be kind” I was raised with the value not to hurt someones feeling and to hold my tongue and be the bigger person and for 90% of my life I have done just that. But im fed up, ive had enough.

So to anyone who wants to have a go please engage your mind before you engage your fucking mouth. I don’t blog to have insults thrown at me. I blog because I want to share things I find funny or books I enjoy. So if im not messing with you then don’t mess with me. Everything I post here is just for fun or to share it’s not to set the world on fire or change the world.

So please be nice, not just to me though. Be nice in general consider that the people you are having a go at are people with feelings and they get hurt. Consider what you gain from being nasty and from taking from someone else.

If you want to make a difference to people then use your mind not your mouth !