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I have to admit that I started this series in sheer desperation for something to read, having said that I immediately became completely hooked.Think the Twilight obsession all over again. I simply couldn’t stop reading them, I finished all six books in less than a week! This is a great series for anyone who loved Twilight.

The Vampire Academy series is not to be sneezed at. Richelle Mead has written a really great YA/Fantasy cross over series that has been phenomenally successful. And it is not hard to understand why. They are a well written, beautifully constructed series that grabs your attention from the first few pages and keeps hold until the last page of book six.

While the reading age of the first two books was a little young for me I would still recommend these books to a wide audience of readers. While the Vampire phenomenon is getting a little tired as it does when it resurfaces every 10 years or so, this series really is worth the effort. After the success of books like Twilight the Vampire phenomenon blew up so to speak and that’s understandable but its a shame because it tars all vampire books with the same brush.

The series tells the story of Rose a half vampire(Moroi)/ Half human (Dhampir) who is training to become a guardian to her best friend Lissa a full blood Moroi princess. Guardians protect Moroi and the Moroi way of life. They risk their own lives to keep the secret of the Moroi from the humans.The story spans six books and each one is better than the next! Readers follow Rose, Dimitri and the rest of the crew through adventure and near escapes that see Rose travelling half way around the world. Rose will stop at nothing to ensure the future of the Moroi.

Rose faces many challenges through the six books, but she never falters and as such remains a strong and interesting female lead, (something which is lacking in other series like this) Her steely determination and her smartass attitude will really engage YA readers and lovers of Fantasy novels as well.

While this hasn’t sent me running to the Fantasy section to read more fantasy books, It did open my eyes to a genre I have otherwise ignored. And I have to admit I’m eagerly awaiting the spin-off series “Bloodlines” which is due for release in August !