The Terror of Living is a début novel from Urban Waite. Although this is his first novel he is already receiving praise for his work from some of the masters of the crime genre.

 Michael Koryta says that “Readers will be following Urban Waite for years to come” . Daniel Woodrell author of The Winters Bone says The Terror of Living is “Smart, swiftly paced and bloody” and legend of thriller and crime writing Stephen King rates Urban Waites début novel as “A hell of a good novel, relentlessly paced and beautifully narrated”.

 Now with praise like that its no wonder that The Terror of Living is already taking the crime writing world by storm.

 The Terror of Living is the story of Hunt an ex-convict who has spent the past twenty years of his life on a small ranch with his wife, supplementing his income with the occasional drug-smuggling job.

 Drake a deputy sheriff, is newly married and has almost escaped the shadow of his father, who was also a sheriff –  and no stranger to the drug trade himself.

 Drake is on Hunt’s trail when a big drug deal in the mountains goes awry and so begins a terrifying race against time……

Filled with all the great plot lines a good crime thriller needs this book is definitely a fantastic effort for a début novel. Drug runners, police chases, killers, hired hit men and of course plenty of edge of your seat thrills this book will have readers raving about this fantastic new writer.

Lovers of crime fiction will enjoy this new work, and anyone who enjoys a fast paced action style story will really love this book. With a similar feel to Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men this is a western style crime novel full of bloodshed. The Terror Of Living wraps up with a brilliant ending and will definitely have anyone who reads it eagerly awaiting his next work of crime fiction.