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Sun Dog is a brilliant new book from Monique Roffey, shortlisted for the Orange Prize for her book, The White Woman on the Green Bicycle, she has delivered another fantastic book with Sun dog.

Sun Dog is the story of August Chalmin a man who feels the weather like no one else. A shy awkward recluse, with bright orange hair and sun shy eyes, August hides himself away from the world behind the counter of the Sheperds Bush Deli. One Winters day two things happen that change his life forever: his mother’s ex lover Cosmo shambles back into his life, and August discovers a rash on his arm which looks like frost. A rash which is frost…..

As Cosmo raises questions about August’s identity, August finds himself changing with the seasons, in a journey that takes him deep into his past and to the very centre of his soul.

This is a brilliant highly imaginative story, it’s an unusual strange tale that will enchant readers with its use of language and its completely different style of storytelling.

The Title of the book is taken from a rare weather event called Sun Dogs, in which a halo appears around the sun. There are many thoughts about the meaning behind these Sun Dogs and what they predict but most agree aside from anything else they are spectacularly beautiful.

Monique Roffey actually dreamed up this story on an August day during a solar eclipse, She has said she had a vision of a man who would literally blossom into himself. She called him August after the season in which she dreamed him up.

This is the sort of novel that transforms the reader as the story washes over them. A brilliant novel by a highly acclaimed author, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story that is a little bit different.