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This was hands down, no contest my favourite book of last year. Shadow of the Wind is one of those rare books that sweeps you away into a different world. It transports the reader to a different time, a different place and takes your imagination on a ride it wont easily forget.

I cannot say enough about this story it is incredible! This is firmly in my top ten books of all time and that is a hard list to make it onto. The shadow of the Wind is set against post Spanish Civil War Barcelona.

It tells the story of a boy who lost his mother very young and is now being raised by his single father who is a second-hand bookshop owner. One night he takes Daniel to the Cemetery of Forgotten books, A cavernous building filled from floor to ceiling with forgotten titles lovingly looked after by a man almost as mysterious as the place itself.

Daniel is told he can choose one book, out of all the titles a strange book bound in red leather by a man named Julian Carax catches his eye, He takes it home and reads it non stop till he finishes and so begins the strange and scary journey of trying to find the truth behind the author.

This story has it all it is dark and brooding, at times scary, gothic and beautifully written. This book will have you wishing for more and not wanting it to end. The Shadow of the Wind is a dream book for book lovers.

The best part if is that it is not just a single book, no this stunning tale is part of a series by the amazing and talented Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Something anyone who read The Shadow of the Wind will be thankful for.