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This was the second book I have read of Jodi Picoult’s and true to form it did not disappoint. She is a master of her craft and it is not difficult to see why she has received such huge acclaim and international success. She is the author of twenty books all of which have made many best seller lists around the world.

As anyone who has read any of Jodi Picoult’s novels will know she does not shy away from the controversial topics and Salem Falls is no exception. Salem Falls has it all, mystery, romance, intrigue and of course themes that will challenge the reader.

Salem Falls is the story of Jack StBride a man who has been wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting one of his female students. He sees his career and his life disintegrate before his eyes. His life in tatters and his reputation ruined he feels there is no way to fight the injustice and so accepts a plea bargain. He admits his guilt despite his misgivings about it and faces an eight month jail sentence.

Upon his release Jack is turned out into the world with no money, no clothes bar the ones on his back and nowhere to call home. He hitches a ride down a cold snow-covered road with no destination  in mind. All he knows is he wants to go somewhere far away from his past and anyone who knows him.

He doesn’t know here he wants to be until he drives in to the small town of Salem Falls, a beautiful quiet back water town where he is sure to have the anonymity he so desperately craves. Knowing he can never work as a teacher again he gets a job in the local diner.

But of course things will never just disappear into the background and soon enough Jack StBrides past comes back to haunt him. A group of four young girls with a deadly secret turn his already fragile world upside down. This triggers a modern-day witch hunt in a small town haunted by its own history.  Salem Falls will challenge people’s ideals and opinions and make everyone question where they stand on the issue.

With quotes from masters of story telling like Stephen King that say “Picoult writes with unassuming brilliance” and “Picoult writes with a fine touch, a sharp eye for detail, and a firm grasp of the delicacy and complexity of human relationships” from the Boston Globe it’s not hard to understand why she is such a runaway success. If you haven’t read a Picoult novel do it now you wont be disappointed !