I had Room by Emma Donoghue sitting on my bedside table for months and I only recently picked it up and I’m sorry I waited so long. Room is simply incredible! This is the sort of book that stands the test of time and will have readers talking about it for months.

This is one the of the most outstanding books I have read in a long time. The use of language is so spot on and the sense of bonding between Mother and Son is so real it gave me shivers. The story stays with you for days after you read it.

I read this in one sitting I stayed up late to finish because I simply had to know how it ended. And from start to finish it did not disappoint.

Room is the story of 5-year-old Jack, for Jack room is the only home he has ever known. Room is simply that one room where Jack lives with Ma, no sunshine, no trees, no windows, no fresh air, always waiting for Old Nick to visit. Old Nick has kept Jack’s Ma prisoner inside room for seven years. Jack has no idea that life could be different though. All he knows is the four walls of room and the characters that appear on TV.

For Jack and Ma they wait on Old Nicks visits for food and supplies to be delivered, but for Jack he waits in fear of Old Nick. Ma hides Jack in the cupboard when old Nick visits but Jack peeks out through the crack in the door and sees and hears things no five-year old should ever be exposed too.

But Ma does her best to shelter Jack from the horrors of room, she does everything she can to keep Jack happy and unaware of the world outside room. But the time has come and Ma can take no more and so she devises a plan to escape room.

Room is a caring and comforting, yet utterly harrowing story of a mother told through the eyes of her son. Room is one of the best narrative stories I have read in years. The way the story tells of abuse but in such a childlike way is chilling yet beautiful.

I could go on and on I loved this book so much ! Definitely a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the last page.