Anyone who is on twitter these days will know who Catherine Deveny, Famous for her hilarious, informative and challenging views on God, the Universe and everything in between. Catherine Deveny has made a name for her self with her brutal honesty and no holds barred jokes. She is appearing this month for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her hugely successful show God is Bullshit.

Catherine is famous for her antics last year and her subsequent sacking from her job for tweeting during the Logies. And lets face it, she said what most people were thinking but just weren’t brave enough to say. This year Logies organisers have banned the use of mobile phones during the Logies telecast to avoid Twitter feeds going off in the way they did last year. ABC’s The Drum today asked Catherine Deveny to comment on how she feels about The Logies banning mobile phone use and I have included the link to this article so you can see her response.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I’m a huge fan of outspoken women ( being one myself at times) and Catherine Deveny is one of the most outspoken women in Australia at the moment. With her atheist views winning new followers everyday and her impassioned work for charities and underdogs who are treated poorly in the work place, she is a woman to be admired. Whether you agree with her or not, she is hilarious, witty and says exactly what she is thinking!

I know many who love Catherine as much as I do and many who fear her also. But why fear someone who is willing to speak their truth and not be intimidated ? If you don’t like her views don’t listen. But if like me you find her hilarious then follow the links I’ve included it’s a great laugh and very informative reading !