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As any good book lover knows finding websites that will feed you obsession are sometimes hard to find. Yes I know there are a lot of book websites around the place and many amazing ones run by booksellers (Insert shameless plug here …..yes check out TLC Books) But the thing I’m talking about here are tailored sites, genre specific sites.

Well if you’re a lover of romance stories then Book Thingo is for you!! Run by an impassioned champion for all romance reads, the delightful Kat. Book Thingo is a must for lovers of romance reads and anyone who is interested in discovering this little known genre that is actually a massive part of the Australian book industry.

Romance reads are often overlooked as fluff or the domain of women who read blouse heaving novels but that isn’t really the case. Romance novels are a wonderful form of escapism and for anyone who is feeling a little loveless they are a great way to live vicariously !

Go on check it out, romance goes way beyond the Mills and Boon of days gone by. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

As if all that wasn’t enough reason ? Well Book Thingo is also hosting Australian Authors Month so read up on the website and see how you can be involved, You may discover a whole host of Aussie Authors you never would have known about.