Lately I have done a bit too much babbling and not enough book talk so today I decided to share some of my fave booky blogs with you. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am *cough ahem….featured on both blogs.

Well as mentioned im a huge fan of books and all things book related and of course like any truly obsessed bibliophile I have the extreme luxury of working in a book store (cue swooning) but not just any book store, oh no, not some chain store nightmare with zero personality and mass market appeal. No no no I work in a shining beacon of intelligence and culture……An Independent book store. (yes im a book snob and im not ashamed to admit it)

So obviously being a bit of a boutique industry we book sellers like to stick together and I can’t write about books and blogs and book stores without mentioning another shining beacon of culture nestled in lovely NSW.

A little haven away from the madness and hustle and bustle Pages and Pages Bookstore. Run by the lovely and aptly named Jon Page. Now Jon is not just a purveyor of literature, he runs a website packed full of great reviews and book news that you should check out!

I have of course included the link for you to check it out and you should its a great site for anyone who loves to read.