Bite the Book….A book blog by a Bookseller…what could be better ?

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Lately I have done a bit too much babbling and not enough book talk so today I decided to share some of my fave booky blogs with you. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am *cough ahem….featured on both blogs.

Well as mentioned im a huge fan of books and all things book related and of course like any truly obsessed bibliophile I have the extreme luxury of working in a book store (cue swooning) but not just any book store, oh no, not some chain store nightmare with zero personality and mass market appeal. No no no I work in a shining beacon of intelligence and culture……An Independent book store. (yes im a book snob and im not ashamed to admit it)

So obviously being a bit of a boutique industry we book sellers like to stick together and I can’t write about books and blogs and book stores without mentioning another shining beacon of culture nestled in lovely NSW.

A little haven away from the madness and hustle and bustle Pages and Pages Bookstore. Run by the lovely and aptly named Jon Page. Now Jon is not just a purveyor of literature, he runs a website packed full of great reviews and book news that you should check out!

I have of course included the link for you to check it out and you should its a great site for anyone who loves to read.



Book Thingo….a great book blog for Romance lovers


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As any good book lover knows finding websites that will feed you obsession are sometimes hard to find. Yes I know there are a lot of book websites around the place and many amazing ones run by booksellers (Insert shameless plug here …..yes check out TLC Books) But the thing I’m talking about here are tailored sites, genre specific sites.

Well if you’re a lover of romance stories then Book Thingo is for you!! Run by an impassioned champion for all romance reads, the delightful Kat. Book Thingo is a must for lovers of romance reads and anyone who is interested in discovering this little known genre that is actually a massive part of the Australian book industry.

Romance reads are often overlooked as fluff or the domain of women who read blouse heaving novels but that isn’t really the case. Romance novels are a wonderful form of escapism and for anyone who is feeling a little loveless they are a great way to live vicariously !

Go on check it out, romance goes way beyond the Mills and Boon of days gone by. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

As if all that wasn’t enough reason ? Well Book Thingo is also hosting Australian Authors Month so read up on the website and see how you can be involved, You may discover a whole host of Aussie Authors you never would have known about.




Ikea’s answer to Stonehenge

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See now you can’t mock my love of Ikea otherwise known as shopping mecca. They have solutions for EVERYTHING ! even Stonehenge yep you hear me Stonehenge hahaha !

We have spent years trying to fathom the mystery of this ancient structure yet here it is explained in simple easy to understand directions and of course all available in flat pack !

Ikea….My Love/Hate relationship

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Ikea its a word that brings out so many responses in people. Love , fear, utter dread, exhaustion, excitement and extreme joy. Whatever it is people feel it seems to always be a strong emotion. I have mixed emotions about Ikea myself I swing from fear to excitement.

The fear comes from OMG the money I will spend, simply because I know that in spite of my best efforts I will not, I repeat not, buy the one thing I go there to buy. Oh no I will of course buy at least ten items that I don’t need one item I do need and of course a bag full of small random items that i don’t even remember picking up.

I will leave home with the best intentions to only go in and grab the one thing I am making the mission to get. But upon entering the brightly lit showroom that is my personal crack addiction I go to bits. I go weak at the knees, I start to breathe shallowly, my hart races with all the possibilities. And my pupils dilate. I start to take in all the things that Ikea has on offer.

Furniture and cook wear, rugs and candle holders, curtains, sheets, towels the list is endless. It’s a mecca for shopping for house obsessed people like me. I will admit it here and now I am an Ikea addict. It’s not something I proud of, it’s not something I endorse. But this is a real and serious affliction.

And this is where the problem lies, as much as I fear the trip to Ikea the pilgrimage to mecca as I call it. I love it, I simply cant get enough of it. It’s a shopping emporium cleverly designed to suck you in to the void and not let you out until you have experienced everything it has to offer. This is of course very shrewd business. This store is designed in such a way that you cant help but see how miraculously the whole Ikea story goes together. From bedrooms to lounge rooms to kitchens they have it all. And it’s there waiting for you to buy it. All cleverly laid out in perfect little rooms designed to look like a room in a house so that you the don’t even have to think about how to decorate.

I love it because for me ( a very very house proud person ) it is an affordable and stylish way to completely change the look of any room in your house. Of course admittedly Ikea has its drawbacks, the crowds of people, the floor to ceiling stock, the never-ending maze that is the store itself. But no matter how many the drawbacks, for me the positives far outweigh the negatives.

I went for a trip to Ikea yesterday to get a bookcase, yes one bookcase. Of course I came home with a bookcase, 6 photo frames, 2 vases, 2 storage boxes, 4 storage baskets, flowers, plants, a print, a clock , 6 candles, 4 candle holders…umm I think that’s it ….but there could be more. Now you see what I mean don’t you.

I came home so excited to re decorate my bedroom from floor to ceiling. I now owned enough storage solutions to arrange every office in Parliament House. Bear in mind I was only trying to organise a bedroom for two people. But no the madness took over. I couldn’t stop I had to have it all. And yes when I got home of course I didn’t need all of it no, not even half really.

Anyway I came home and got my very useful handyman Man to put it all together ( I don’t do the heavy lifting ) and so began my most favourite part of the whole experience the decorating ( I think I was a decorator in a past life ) I get a weird thrill from seeing organisation coming together. I get the same thrill from cleaning ( I know I’m sick I have a problem lol )

My bedroom was transformed before my eyes, everything in its place all shiny and new and exciting. Was that enough to feed the best ? to satiate the hunger ? ….Of course not ! I started to see what could be changed, improved, re organised. I wanted to go back the very next day to get more. A new bed, a new chest of drawers, a bedside table to match, the list was endless.

I have started to circle all the items in the catalogue that will of course make my life complete. My brain is craving the next Ikea hit.

All in all it was a really successful trip, I got what I needed and yes some, ok lots of things I didn’t need. But my bedroom looks amazing, my life is more organised. Did I need to spend the buckets of money that I did? No, did I enjoy it ? ohh yes !

So love it or hate it you have to admit that Ikea for its few faults is a great place to shop. Even if you do spend money you shouldn’t be spending. Yesterdays trip did nothing to change my feelings about Ikea it only reinforced my obsessive love for the mecca of household items.

So thank you Ikea you have transformed my bedroom to the oasis I wanted it to be. And don’t fret Ill be back soon to go crazy again. Once an Ikea addict always an addict.