EDGE is a great read, for anyone who enjoys crime fiction this one is definitely a safe recommendation. Jeffrey Deaver sets himself apart from other crime writers by constantly evolving and changing his style.This is a not a book written to the same plot formula time and again like so many others. Every one of his stories is different and EDGE is no exception.

I’m a big fan of crime fiction and true crime as well, but I find that a lot of authors find a successful formula and they don’t deviate from it. And who am I to criticise I mean they sell millions of books worldwide and good for them but after a time it gets a little tedious.

Which is why EDGE is such a great book, Jeffrey Deaver has written a sharp, fast paced novel that is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat if you will pardon the pun 😉

This is the story of a Sheppard a man who’s task it is to keep people safe and away from Hitmen and the like who will stop at nothing to get the information they want. He is a professional, constantly keeping his eye on the prize. He watches over his clients like a Sheppard watches his flock, always waiting for the moment where he will have to throw himself in the line of danger to protect his clients.

Part action part crime EDGE is different to your typical crime novel with its gritty story lines and its constantly evolving plot. Lovers of TV shows like The Sopranos will really enjoy this story. Its nice to read a crime book that deviates from the usual serial killer story lines.

This book is really easy to read and the story keeps up the fast pace from start to finish, after the success of the Bone Collector and the Film of the same name you could definitely see this book being the next movie from a Deaver novel. I really enjoyed this book and it was nice to read something that was easy and just flowed after having read some very serious stories before this one.