Today is Autism awareness day, and while im sure everyone gets tired and worn out from this day and that day and this charity event and that charity event I think that Autism is something you can shelve your boredom or disinterest for, just for a minute.

Why should you ? Because Autism affects so many people, it’s an often ignored seldom discussed illness, yet I can guarantee that on at least one occasion someone who reads this has seen a child acting up or being naughty and judged the parents and the child. Not just judged them but judged them unfairly. Does it occur to you that perhaps that mother who looks tired and stressed and is ready to tear her hair out, is not dealing with a child who is being naughty or acting up but that maybe that child has Autism ?

I know for a fact that very few people see a child misbehaving and assume illness as the cause, no most people click their tongue in disapproval, they shake their head and question why that mother isn’t doing more. As a mother I know the frustration of a tired child who is bored with being at the shops or just wants to go home, I know that look that people give you. The look that says UGH can’t you make your child behave. That is a horrible feeling. Now for a minute imagine how that feels for a mother of a child who has Autism, she is being judged and commented on but no one bothers to consider how hard her days are everyday, or how tired she is of being judged. How exhausting it is to raise a child with special needs.

Well spare a thought for her, spare a thought for the child that has difficulty negotiating social situations, A child that has trouble learning and paying attention and a child that will have to live with Autism for the rest of their life.

Autism affects 1 in 160 people in Australia there is no known cause and there is no way to cure it. But it is not just the child that suffers Autism that suffers, it’s the parents and the carers, the people who tirelessly take care of these children and do everything they can to make life easier and more enjoyable for the sufferer.

So what can YOU do to help ? Well you can learn more, educate yourself, join the national register, help raise much-needed funds for Autism awareness and research. You could attend an event to support Autism and help raise funds. Whatever you do, for one minute put yourself in the shoes of the people who suffer this debilitating illness and try for a minute to hold back your judgements and your ideas. Try to help instead of shaking your head. It doesn’t take much to get involved but imagine the difference we could make if we all gave a little ?

Its time for Australians to reach out and help each other, stop judging start helping. If you want to get involved I have included the information here to help you out. Please don’t sit back and do nothing you could change someones life!