Now I know a lot of industry people know that April is Australian Authors Month, but how many people who don’t work in the Book selling/Publishing Lit world know ?. Hopefully more after everyone starts writing about it and getting the awareness out there.

So this is my little push to get people talking. There is some really amazing talent here in Aus but how many people know who their Aus writers are ?. Yes I know that most people could name a few and that’s fantastic! but what about the rest ? The emerging writers, the little known writers that are self published or their books have not been released here yet. What about writers who aren’t thought of as “Writers” the bloggers and newspaper columnists that keep you smiling ?. Australia is a small market in the global scheme of things yet how much do we know of our own talent. Not much. Do you know how many fantastic Australian writers have had books published but never released in the Australian market? Yep seriously, a lot of writers are having books released into the American market due to its massive circulation, but we Australians are missing out on this brilliant budding talent.

Now I don’t mean to get ranty but im afraid im going too for a minute. Ask the average person in the street who their favourite Australian Football player is and they wont hesitate to answer, their favourite swimmer, same thing. Not to mention, how many people can rattle off a list of Australian actors or celebrities? most people. Yet ask around, ask people who their favourite Australian writers are and a lot of people will draw a blank. Or they will name a few who, while they may now choose to live here, and yes we Aussies  may have adopted them as ours they are not Australian. Is that sad ? I think so.

Why is it we can rattle off the names of sporting stars and D grade celebrities but we can’t think of a list of talented Aussie writers?. Because we simply don’t advertise our literary achievements alongside those of sporting heroes or celebs.  Is this sad ? YES I think it is! And im not alone, which is why April is Australian Authors Month.

What are you doing to celebrate Australian talent ? Well for starters take yourself into your local Independent Book shop, ask the staff if you need help and buy some Australian books. Dont give your money away to oversea talent. Spend your money support small business and support hard-working Australian writers.

Talk about it, blog about it, tweet it to your followers, lets let people know that we have some brilliant talent here in Aus that is just not getting the recognition it deserves.

Not sure if you know any Aus writers? want to know some ? I will post a list today to get people started. I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised. I have reviews here on my blog of Australian writers so check them out, Kate Morton is a brilliant Brisbane writer and Moya Kate is an emerging début novelist too, read the reviews I have written of their work, I think you will be surprised ! Not to mention Australian comedian and writer the very talented Anh Doh writer of The Happiest Refugee winner of two Indy awards !

Over the course of the month I will be posting links to blogs I love written by Aussie authors as well just to help people get in the mood. Want one now? Well check out my post about Birds Eye View by Rebecca Sparrow she is a fabulous australian writer who has written four books, is now a columnist for the Adelaide Sunday paper and a regular on pop over to Mamammia it’s a blog written by a nother great Australian writer Mia Friedman.

Well what are you waiting for? Ive given you a good head start so get reading! You have a whole month so no excuses ! Do the right thing support local talent you wont be disappointed.