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This was my first taste of Kate Morton and she did not disappoint. This was an absolute treat. Kate Morton has had huge international success and it is not difficult to see why. The Distant Hours has it all and it has it in spades.

I have never been a big fan of historical fiction but I was thrilled to be proven wrong. The Distant Hours is a brilliant work of fiction that manages to include a lot of documented historical fact woven into the story. Set against a backdrop of war-torn Britain in the late 1930’s to Modern day London of the 1990’s, the distant hours spans generations of british history.

It all begins with a letter, a letter that drops through the mail slot and threatens to change everything. A letter addressed to Edie’s mother from Juniper Blythe. This mysterious letter hints at family histories that have been kept hidden for many years. Edie reads the letter and so begins a journey into history, a dark and mysterious family history that everybody was happy to leave hidden. Her journey takes her to Milderhurst castle, a beautiful decaying building inhabited by the sisters Blythe, daughters of a once famous writer of a terrifying story called The Mud Man. The sisters Blythe hold the keys to the secrets that have been hidden away for years. But no one wants this secret history revealed.

Edie becomes obsessed by this story and will not stop until she finds out what everyone is trying so hard to keep hidden. Her research takes her on a journey to forgotten places and will reveal a story that will change everything.

Beautifully written The Distant Hours will keep readers entranced, I was compelled to keep reading until I knew how the story ended. Kate Morton has written a gripping novel that’s is simply unputdownable. I stayed up late reading this until its stunning and surprising conclusion.

Kate Morton is a master of language, her lyrical flowing verse was so stunning it captured my imagination completely. This is a book that uses language richly. It draws you in to the very last page. The perfect mix of romance, intrigue mystery and suspense. The Distant Hours is utterly absorbing reading. If you like the language of the classics with a modern twist this book is definitely for you. A brilliant slightly gothic tale that is infinitely readable.

Kate Morton has proved yet again that she is a brilliant and talented writer who only gets better with each new book she writes. After I finished The Distant Hours I immediately started reading The Shifting Fog, which is Kate Morton’s first novel and it was a brilliant story as well. Everyone who reads Kate Morton will enjoy the journey.