I have to take the time to personally dedicate some thanks to all the women who have lent their support to me tonight with regard to my post “Enough is Enough”.

I felt instantly better knowing that it isn’t just me who feels that fear, it isn’t just me who is scared for how to raise a little girl in this climate of sexualization, it isn’t just me who fears for the future.

Every woman who took the time to send me messages to thank me or to agree with me, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me to know that I share this world with right-minded women who have the same values as me, that feel the same way about what is happening to our children.

I was so surprised to be given support not just by friends but by people I don’t even know, people who read my post after it was retweeted to others. Women who don’t even have children but who felt the same stab of fear and indignation at this ridiculous culture that is taking over. Women who like me feel that all of this is a step down a very slippery slope that is only getting worse.

Women that value other women, not for how they look or what their bra size is, but women who admire women, who look up to women who are inspirational, women who make a difference, women who believe that we are worth more than the value of our cup size or the size of our bums. I am constantly inspired by women who want to affect change, women who use their voice to make a difference, women who believe in the power of other women.

Thank you all for being who you are, mothers,sisters, cousins, daughters, writers, nurses, doctors, politicians,business women, bloggers, poets, washers and cleaners, cooks and all the other hats you wear everyday.  You are what makes me feel inspired everyday, You are what makes the world a better and safer place for our children to grow up in.

Thank you for reaching out to someone you don’t know to say, I agree with you, I understand your fears, I support you in this struggle of motherhood, I believe in what you’re saying .

We all have a voice its how we use it that counts, every great change starts with a single thought. Its time for us to use the voice that so many women before us have fought so hard for, to keep fighting for women in the generations to come to enjoy the freedom to be whoever they want to be.

Thank you all so much, you will never understand what your support means to me. Please know that you inspired a women today to stand up for her beliefs and to speak out and not remain silent for fear of not being accepted ! Its women like you that will make the change that will end this awful trend.

Thank you thank you thank you ! You make the world a better place.