In this book Jodi Piccoult is doing what she does best. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, this time Piccoult takes on gay rights, reproductive science and Christian fundamentalism. Forcing the reader to consider both sides of these hotly contested topics all while spinning a story with such grace and enthusiasm that it leaves you wondering if these are topics close to the authors heart. Combining impeccable research with intricate story telling and a beautiful cast of characters, Jodi mixes courtroom drama, love and the family dynamic in a story that will enthral all who read it.

Sing you Home centres around three main protagonists, all lending their own unique voice throughout the story. For Zoe Baxter all she has ever wanted was to fall pregnant. After many failed attempts and 10 years of suffering she thinks her luck may finally be turning. Alas after 7 months of pregnancy Zoe tragically loses her unborn child, throwing her life and the life of her husband Max into complete disarray, thus destroying their once happy marriage and sending them both down paths leading to places they never expected.

In the aftermath of the tragedy Zoe throws herself into her work as a music therapist, using music to heal burn victims, trigger the memories of Alzheimer’s patients and soothe hospice patients living out their last days. Through this work she meets Vanessa, a school guidance counsellor who asks her to work with a suicidal teen.

Their relationship turns from business to friendship and then much to Zoe’s surprise, love. When Zoe finally allows herself to feel happiness again she remembers that she still has the chance at beginning a family, she has three embryos left frozen from the time she was married to Max, but this won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Max has found solace drowning his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle and after a serious drink driving accident, finds himself hospitalised, alone and afraid. Max then meets Pastor Clive, an evangelical minister of a born again Christian church, whose mission it is to fight the evils of homosexuality. He brings Max into the fold giving him a safer life without drinking. Just as Max thinks he is getting his life on track, Zoe asks his permission to use the forgotten embryos to try and have a baby with her same sex partner Vanessa.

This will challenge so many readers to explore their feelings and stance regarding gay marriage, reproductive science and much more. A truly absorbing story by a master storyteller. Sing you Home will stay with you for a long time after finishing it.


I have to add here that I absolutely adored this book on so many levels, It touched me personally and it is a book that I have already recommended to so many people. Jodi Piccoult is a phenomenal story teller. Her website also has some bonus features such as an original song of Zoe’s which is absolutely breathtaking. I hope that everyone enjoys this book as much as I did it’s an absolute triumph !

Also check out this amazing video book trailer of Sing You Home !