It is the spring of 1961, and the sleepy little town of Jingera is at its most perfect with its clear blue skies, pounding surf and breath-taking lagoon. Yet all is not so perfect behind closed doors.

George Cadwallader – butcher by day and star-gazer by night – is loved by everyone, except his wife. He only wants the best for his family – yet it’s all falling apart.

Philip Chapman is a sensitive boy, a musical prodigy – and a target for bullies. But with his wealthy parents indifferent to his cries for help, his entire future is at risk…

Then there’s Ilona Vincent and her daughter Zidra, former refugees, now fully fledged ‘Jingeroids’. When a voice from the past reaches out to them, they’re soon in a race against time to reunite a family that has been cruelly torn apart…

Once again weaving together the enchanting stories of Jingera and its townsfolk, Alison Booth offers up a heart-warming sequel to the critically acclaimed Stillwater Creek.

Allison Booth definitely isn’t suffering from second book syndrome, Indigo Sky is a charming follow-up and fans of this and Stillwater creek will be delighted to know there is a third book on the way. This a book that is filled with atmospheric descriptions that are so well crafted you feel as though you have that beautiful sky twinkling above you and the smell of eucalyptus on every breath. This is a brilliant story that will have all who read it eagerly awaiting the third book.