I have never read anything by Dawn French and I have to say this book was fantastic, very funny, witty humour, a great family story and a really enjoyable read. This story is told in three parts and chop and changes between them with each new chapter. I enjoyed the format of it being told through the eyes of multiple different characters and how she used the style and language of different aged teens to parents.

Her humour is really great and you start laughing from the start of the book. The jokes are very clever and her use of different characters and their changing voices gives her the perfect platform to use her humour really well.

The books three main protagonists are Mo the mother, and her two children, Oscar/Peter and Dora. I found the character of Oscar (Peter) interesting, He is struggling with who he is and how he fits into society and his uptight school and as such has taken to calling himself Oscar after Oscar Wilde.

His entire narrative is told in the style and language of Oscar Wilde himself. This makes for a clever juxtaposition against the stories told through his sister Dora who is your typical OMG LOL Facebook generation teen with zero to no social skills.

Mo is a psychologist who is struggling with the changing times and her children growing up and becoming adults. Dawn French uses Mo’s profession to look at the children’s characters and it makes for a very interesting read.

This is an easy and very enjoyable read. But don’t be fooled by that, it has just enough twists and surprises to set it apart from your typical “easy read holiday book”

This is a great story that is written in a unique and funny way. It’s refreshing to read something that is truly original and A Tiny Bit Marvellous is definitely that !