It is obvious from the first opening lines that this is not a light and fluffy read, Its dark and disturbing at times but also has moments of such frank human weakness that it leaves you breathless and wanting more.

I had times reading this book where I actually gasped out loud at the way the Author reveals the truth behind the characters. Most Authors would spend whole chapters devoted to explaining the back story to the trials and tribulations of the characters but Noam Sphancer lays it out in the most blunt and sometimes brutally confronting way.

Which is so shocking and yet so honest it makes the reading of this book even more enjoyable. You can really tell the Author was a psychologist as the accounts and the wording could not be a work of pure fiction. This is a brilliant read but not one for the faint hearted.

I have to say also as much as I enjoyed this book, It isn’t one I would recommend. The subject is dark and serious and the story telling is almost painful in its stark descriptions. If you like intense moody stories then this book is for you, If not steer clear!  While it is a brilliant story it is incredibly dark and some of the story is deeply disturbing.

Having put that warning out there, I have to say that this book is a frank, honest story that definitely captures your attention and keeps you turning the pages sometimes even when you don’t want to. This really is a stunning début novel that takes the reader to places many never would have dared to go before and challenges everything you think you know about psychology and human drama.