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I had this book on my shelf in my to be read pile for 2 months and to be honest (and it pains me to admit it) the cover put me off reading it. Yes I will admit how completely shameful that is. I should know better “don’t judge a book by its cover blah blah blah” But it is rather bad ! (in my defence)

Having said that once I finally picked it up I couldn’t put it down. This is a thoroughly engrossing read. One Day tells the story of Em and Dex, Dex and Em (read it you will see what I mean) set over 20 years it tells the story of a friendship and the lives of these two people.

At first I didn’t like the characters, Emma is a uni student trying to find herself and her purpose, and struggling to be an actor and Dexter is finding himself by travelling around the world on his parents dollar. At first they just struck me as a bit two dimensional and wooden but again and I will happily admit it , I was wrong.

Although the plot sounds predictable and has been done to death, that really isn’t the case with One Day. David Nicholls not only manages to make it fresh but he weaves the story so well that over the course of the story I found myself not only starting to like the characters but empathizing with them as well.

This book has just enough little twists and plot surprises to make it stand out from the typical “Holiday Read” this is a really great book with an ending that while surprising and sad at times is so great it blew me away. I loved this book and I really didn’t expect too. I am always happy to have my mind changed for me and One Day definitely did that. This is a complex novel with characters that are so real that by the end of the book you almost feel as if you know them.

It would seem I am not the only one who found this book utterly compelling either, It is now in production being made into a feature film featuring the gorgeous Ann Hathaway as Emma and Jim Sturgess as Dexter, believe me one look at the movie poster and I know this rendition will not disappoint.

True Fans will love the film just because they loved the book, but I think after seeing the movie a lot of people will want to read the book as well. While I always without fail, read the book first this is one time where I will be more than happy if David Nicholls picks up new readers because of a movie adaptation. This book deserves to have a lot more attention focused on it !