Well here is another blog that I absolutely love! This is Birds Eye View by the fabulously witty Rebecca Sparrow.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Rebecca Sparrow is (shame on you) Here is a little introduction, She is among so many things a writer of four yes FOUR novels, one of which is in production to be made into a feature film. Rebecca is also a columnist for the SUnday Mail in Adelaide, Prior to that she was a columnist for the Sunday Mail in Qld. As if that wasn’t enough she is also a columnist for MammaMia.com.au.

Think that’s impressive ? Yeh ? I’m not done yet, She is also ambassador to two charities, War Child Foundation and The Pyjama Foundation. And devotes a lot of her spare time (I use that term loosely, She doesn’t have any free time) to mentoring young women in schools around the country.

Yep I know your sighing inwardly thinking wow! how does she do it ? Well wait there is more she is also a Mother and a Wife ! Yep that’s right starting to understand why I admire her so much ?

Well if you’re not understanding it yet, I thought I should add Rebecca’s blog in here for you to have a read of, Oh and If you still want to know more ? Click on my photo on my blog in the author section which will take you to my work blog where I had the privilege of interviewing Rebecca recently.

I hope you enjoy getting to know her as I have ! She is a great woman and I think women everywhere can take a page out of her book.

Cheers BlondiieC xox