OK so if you haven’t heard of this author you must be living under a rock somewhere. I have reviewed her amazing début novel Burqalicious The Dubai Diaries for you all to have a read of and to urge you to go out and get it because lets face it, Becky is a writer and she rocks at it!

My review is here on my blog and if you like what you have read and want to read more than click on my picture in the authors section of my blog which will link you through to my work blog TLC Books. I recently had the fantastic “task” of interviewing Becky and the results were hilarious! She like her novel are fresh, witty and altogether hilarious.

But of course you know by now or I hope you do that I wont just recommend someone because I like their book, oh no. There has to be more to it than that, and of course I haven’t let you down here either. Not only has Becky written this great book but she is also a phenomenal blogger, she writes everyday and is always funny and entertaining.

For fans of her book her blog will be a further extension to the fun you shared reading Burqalicious, and for people who are just now discovering Becky well you’re in for a treat ! Her blog is great with more info from her time in Dubai and stories of her life here in Australia.

So go on now what are you waiting for ? I don’t write this stuff so you wont go looking at it.

Hope you enjoy meeting Miss Wicks as much as I did 😉


Cheers BlondiieC