Mama Couture – Review

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Moya Kate has done what many could not, she has written a hilarious, fun-filled story about the ups and downs of motherhood and made it stylish. Mama Couture is fantastic. For anyone who has had children, is pregnant or one day dreams of children this book is a must read for you.

Mama Couture is the story of Til Fisher a woman who has it all, the perfect job, a wardrobe full of designer clothing and a social life that most would envy. But on New Years Eve Til makes the ultimate fashion faux pas: teaming sexy stilettos with way too many champagnes and a gorgeous virile man in a suit. When the haze of New Years Eve passes Til discovers she is pregnant, in all its sickness inducing hormone crazed madness. Nine months pass as Til swells to epic proportions, and then out of the blue Til discovers she actually loves being with her baby, in spite of the screaming, nappy changing and mess she is actually dreading the end of her maternity leave. The decision Til makes sets her on a path she never dreamed of, a decision that will take her around the world and set her on a path she never anticipated.

Woven with incredible facts about pregnancy and the first year of motherhood, Mama Couture takes an honest and unflinching look at one woman’s journey into parenting and beyond. Told in the style of such great women writers as Kathy Lette and Maggie Alderson, Moya Kate will have you laughing till you cry and wishing you could be Til even if it was only for a week. This story is real, it’s funny, it’s honest and most of all it is hilarious. Few people can make parenting so funny without resorting to the usual nappy changing jokes but Moya Kate has done exactly that! Not only that, but she has given women everywhere a voice that says yes you can be a mother, but you can also be a million other things as well and you can do it all while wearing a fabulous pair of stilettos.

I hope every woman who reads Mama Couture loves it as much as I did, being a mother to a little girl myself this book spoke to me like nothing I have ever read before, part comedy, part mothering manual, part business guide, Mama Couture is the modern anthem for women everywhere, It’s Bridget Jones’ Diary meets Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman, with stiletto shoes and designer clothes.



We are launching Moya Kate’s fabulous book at our store on May 2nd (labour day rather fitting really) If you are interested in meeting the delightful Moya Kate, then come along but be sure to rsvp as places are limited. We will celebrate with champagne and cupcakes galore and hear Moya Kate read from the fantastic novel. So come and join us for a fun girly night and get yourself a copy of this great book, Moya may even sign it for you 🙂

Want to know more about Moya Kate, her book, her life or anything else ? I have included links for you to her blog and the official fan page on Facebook.


Feel a Boob Day..

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Ok so today is national feel a boob day, yes yes boobs and touching and feeling, but not in that way. Ok so now that I have your attention, it really is National Feel a Boob day and this is a cancer awareness program so don’t giggle, listen cos this is important.

Thousands of women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year, 1 in 7 women will be affected in their life time so don’t waste time feeling scared or prudish. Its time to get amongst it. We don’t want to lose any more people to this horrible disease. It doesn’t take long but it could save your life.

Do you know how many cancer deaths could be prevented by doing this simple check ? Far too many ! So get involved feel your boobs for strange lumps, or bumps. Dont feel comfortable checking yourself ? Not sure what you should be checking for ? Or worried that there is something unusual there? Ok then off to your Doctor for a check up, Its only fifteen minutes out of your day but it could save your life.

But don’t just check yourself, Not hats not enough pass on this message to everyone you know. Sisters, Mothers, daughters, friends,cousins and everyone else as well. Spread the message and lest save some lives.

Oh and don’t forget about the special men in your life either they can get breast cancer too. YES MEN CAN GET IT TOO. So boys its up to you, check your girlfriends too. But please ask their permission first. Checking is not groping ok 😉

Seriously now though, cancer kills so many people a year and its a tragic waste of life. So let’s get talking about it, spread the word and get the message out there.

Ok I have to go now, I can’t tell you all to do it and not do it myself. So its off to check for me and it should be for you too so stop reading, step away from the computer and check your boobs it might be the smartest thing you will do all day !



The Distant Hours – Review

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This was my first taste of Kate Morton and she did not disappoint. This was an absolute treat. Kate Morton has had huge international success and it is not difficult to see why. The Distant Hours has it all and it has it in spades.

I have never been a big fan of historical fiction but I was thrilled to be proven wrong. The Distant Hours is a brilliant work of fiction that manages to include a lot of documented historical fact woven into the story. Set against a backdrop of war-torn Britain in the late 1930’s to Modern day London of the 1990’s, the distant hours spans generations of british history.

It all begins with a letter, a letter that drops through the mail slot and threatens to change everything. A letter addressed to Edie’s mother from Juniper Blythe. This mysterious letter hints at family histories that have been kept hidden for many years. Edie reads the letter and so begins a journey into history, a dark and mysterious family history that everybody was happy to leave hidden. Her journey takes her to Milderhurst castle, a beautiful decaying building inhabited by the sisters Blythe, daughters of a once famous writer of a terrifying story called The Mud Man. The sisters Blythe hold the keys to the secrets that have been hidden away for years. But no one wants this secret history revealed.

Edie becomes obsessed by this story and will not stop until she finds out what everyone is trying so hard to keep hidden. Her research takes her on a journey to forgotten places and will reveal a story that will change everything.

Beautifully written The Distant Hours will keep readers entranced, I was compelled to keep reading until I knew how the story ended. Kate Morton has written a gripping novel that’s is simply unputdownable. I stayed up late reading this until its stunning and surprising conclusion.

Kate Morton is a master of language, her lyrical flowing verse was so stunning it captured my imagination completely. This is a book that uses language richly. It draws you in to the very last page. The perfect mix of romance, intrigue mystery and suspense. The Distant Hours is utterly absorbing reading. If you like the language of the classics with a modern twist this book is definitely for you. A brilliant slightly gothic tale that is infinitely readable.

Kate Morton has proved yet again that she is a brilliant and talented writer who only gets better with each new book she writes. After I finished The Distant Hours I immediately started reading The Shifting Fog, which is Kate Morton’s first novel and it was a brilliant story as well. Everyone who reads Kate Morton will enjoy the journey.



Thank You !

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I have to take the time to personally dedicate some thanks to all the women who have lent their support to me tonight with regard to my post “Enough is Enough”.

I felt instantly better knowing that it isn’t just me who feels that fear, it isn’t just me who is scared for how to raise a little girl in this climate of sexualization, it isn’t just me who fears for the future.

Every woman who took the time to send me messages to thank me or to agree with me, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me to know that I share this world with right-minded women who have the same values as me, that feel the same way about what is happening to our children.

I was so surprised to be given support not just by friends but by people I don’t even know, people who read my post after it was retweeted to others. Women who don’t even have children but who felt the same stab of fear and indignation at this ridiculous culture that is taking over. Women who like me feel that all of this is a step down a very slippery slope that is only getting worse.

Women that value other women, not for how they look or what their bra size is, but women who admire women, who look up to women who are inspirational, women who make a difference, women who believe that we are worth more than the value of our cup size or the size of our bums. I am constantly inspired by women who want to affect change, women who use their voice to make a difference, women who believe in the power of other women.

Thank you all for being who you are, mothers,sisters, cousins, daughters, writers, nurses, doctors, politicians,business women, bloggers, poets, washers and cleaners, cooks and all the other hats you wear everyday.  You are what makes me feel inspired everyday, You are what makes the world a better and safer place for our children to grow up in.

Thank you for reaching out to someone you don’t know to say, I agree with you, I understand your fears, I support you in this struggle of motherhood, I believe in what you’re saying .

We all have a voice its how we use it that counts, every great change starts with a single thought. Its time for us to use the voice that so many women before us have fought so hard for, to keep fighting for women in the generations to come to enjoy the freedom to be whoever they want to be.

Thank you all so much, you will never understand what your support means to me. Please know that you inspired a women today to stand up for her beliefs and to speak out and not remain silent for fear of not being accepted ! Its women like you that will make the change that will end this awful trend.

Thank you thank you thank you ! You make the world a better place.



The Leopard – Review

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In the depths of winter, a killer stalks the city streets. His victims are two young women, both found with twenty-four inexplicable puncture wounds, both drowned in their own blood. The crime scenes offer no clues, the media is reaching fever pitch, and the police are running out of options. There is only one man who can help them and he doesn’t want to be found.

Deeply traumatized by an investigation, which threatened the lives of those he holds most dear, Inspector Harry Hole has lost himself in the squalor of Hong Kong’s opium dens. But with his Father seriously ill in hospital, Harry reluctantly agrees to return to Oslo. He has no intention of working on the case, but his instinct takes over when a third victim is found brutally murdered in a city park.

Jo Nesbo is the New York Times bestselling author of The Snowman and is being touted as the next Stieg Larssen so I guess its no wonder I was drawn to read The Leopard. This is taught thriller/crime writing at its finest. A heart stopping thrill ride that will have you on the edge of your seat right until the last page.

Readers will be drawn in by the beautifully executed plot lines and the very skilful depiction of the characters. This is sure to be another international best seller for Jo Nesbo and rightfully so, I think it will have many people heading out to get their hands on all his other works as well.

An exquisitely written book by a new master of crime fiction, Jo Nesbo will have everyone enthralled by his chilling stories and wanting more and more.

Sing You Home – Review

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In this book Jodi Piccoult is doing what she does best. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, this time Piccoult takes on gay rights, reproductive science and Christian fundamentalism. Forcing the reader to consider both sides of these hotly contested topics all while spinning a story with such grace and enthusiasm that it leaves you wondering if these are topics close to the authors heart. Combining impeccable research with intricate story telling and a beautiful cast of characters, Jodi mixes courtroom drama, love and the family dynamic in a story that will enthral all who read it.

Sing you Home centres around three main protagonists, all lending their own unique voice throughout the story. For Zoe Baxter all she has ever wanted was to fall pregnant. After many failed attempts and 10 years of suffering she thinks her luck may finally be turning. Alas after 7 months of pregnancy Zoe tragically loses her unborn child, throwing her life and the life of her husband Max into complete disarray, thus destroying their once happy marriage and sending them both down paths leading to places they never expected.

In the aftermath of the tragedy Zoe throws herself into her work as a music therapist, using music to heal burn victims, trigger the memories of Alzheimer’s patients and soothe hospice patients living out their last days. Through this work she meets Vanessa, a school guidance counsellor who asks her to work with a suicidal teen.

Their relationship turns from business to friendship and then much to Zoe’s surprise, love. When Zoe finally allows herself to feel happiness again she remembers that she still has the chance at beginning a family, she has three embryos left frozen from the time she was married to Max, but this won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Max has found solace drowning his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle and after a serious drink driving accident, finds himself hospitalised, alone and afraid. Max then meets Pastor Clive, an evangelical minister of a born again Christian church, whose mission it is to fight the evils of homosexuality. He brings Max into the fold giving him a safer life without drinking. Just as Max thinks he is getting his life on track, Zoe asks his permission to use the forgotten embryos to try and have a baby with her same sex partner Vanessa.

This will challenge so many readers to explore their feelings and stance regarding gay marriage, reproductive science and much more. A truly absorbing story by a master storyteller. Sing you Home will stay with you for a long time after finishing it.


I have to add here that I absolutely adored this book on so many levels, It touched me personally and it is a book that I have already recommended to so many people. Jodi Piccoult is a phenomenal story teller. Her website also has some bonus features such as an original song of Zoe’s which is absolutely breathtaking. I hope that everyone enjoys this book as much as I did it’s an absolute triumph !

Also check out this amazing video book trailer of Sing You Home !

Last Night at the Chateau Marmont – Review

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I rarely will write a bad review, I would rather say nothing all that stuff about if you can’t say anything nice blah blah blah, but this book kind of calls for a bad review I think.

Last Night at The Chateau Marmont is written by Lauren Weisberger author of The Devil Wears Prada. Now it must be said that I did enjoy The Devil Wears Prada and I was rather excited to start this book. Is there anything more frustrating than having all your excited expectations smashed ? no not really. I don’t shy away from anything I will read books of all genre’s and I have been known to enjoy the odd chick lit book from time to time. ( I have to say that I hate that term though it’s so painfully derogatory can we think of something less demeaning ?) Anyway I digress, This book was really not a great read at all and I was so disappointed !

Last Night at the Chateau Marmont was not surprising in any way, girl meets boy, boy is musician (cue swooning) .Girl supports boys musical aspirations and boy and girl fall in love.

After many years together boy finally finds fame and then oh surprise boy cheats on girl!  Very typical chick lit popcorn for the brain but unfortunately it didn’t even entertain me. I found this book predictable boring and a touch insulting the protagonist borders on complete desperation and total self-denial it’s not romantic its just awful.

And the only chance for redemption was destroyed when after the cheating she still fails to get a backbone and tell him to go away very dreary holiday reading would appeal to early twenties non readers who like fluff. A shame really because The Devil Wears Prada was quite good but this fails to deliver the same zing and funny one liners that pulled you in the first time.



Hyperbole and a Half – Blogs I Love

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So I have to say this right here and now, there is few things in laugh that really make me laugh. Dont get me wrong here I love to laugh and seize any opportunity for a giggle but lets face facts there just isn’t that much around these days that is genuinely laugh out loud funny. And im not talking an amused smirk, or a hearty chuckle im talking all out belly laugh !

Which is why I have to share this blog, I laugh my butt off every time I read it, I have referenced the jokes and sent it to as many people as I could but that is not enough. This blog is so funny I feel I have to share it with the world (yes im assuming rather vainly that you wont have made this incredible discovery for yourself yet) sorry about that ! Anyways its hysterical it makes me laugh constantly and it never gets old so do yourself a favour and check it out. If you don’t like it well too bad for you then 🙂

I have to say that God of Cake is quite possibly the funniest thing known to man although there is also a cracker of a post called party which you must check out. I have just finished a massive piece of cake myself and the whole time I was eating it all I could think of was that blog. Mainly because my body is so deprived of sugar that I get a contact high just from being in close proximity to cake let alone eating it !

Hope you love this as much as I do !



oh and P.s just cos im evil I have included pics of CAKE to make u drool ! 😉

Yes I made them !


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The 19th Wife – Review

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Faith, I tell them, is a mystery, elusive to many, and never easy to explain

The 19th Wife is a story told in two parts, It tells the story of Ann Eliza Young the 19th wife of the Mormon Prophet Brigham Young who broke away from the Mormon church and denounced plural marriage and a modern day story about a murder in a polygamist compound inUtah.

The Way David Ebershoff weaves the two stories together is nothing short of brilliant and this book is packed full of historical stories that I had never heard before.  The history of how the Mormon church came to be and the hardships suffered by the followers of Brigham Young is shocking and awe inspiring at the same time.

This is a book that will take everything you thought you knew and turn it upside down. The history of the Mormon church is rich and diverse and utterly fascinating.

Then you have the Modern story of Jordan who has been cast out of the Modern day Fundamentalist church of Latter Day Saints (not to be confused with the Jesus Christ church of Latter day Saints which is entirely different although founded by the same people) This story tells the absolutely horrendous story of “Lost boys” Boys who are cast out of the church so that Mormon men can have more wives.

These Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints actually excommunicate their own sons to make the ratio better for the senior men of the church to take more young wives. This is just unbelievable and yet is rooted deeply in fact. This part of the story really stayed with me, I just felt compelled to know more. David Ebershoff is absolutely brilliant in his ability to make you empathise with his characters.

The modern story of Jordan and his family is fiction it gives you the feeling it could be the true story of any young man coming from a Mormon family. The mix of historical fact and fictional story telling is completely compelling. This is without doubt one of the best books I have read in a long time, I highly recommend it!


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I should add this came from a longing in me to know more about this faith and its practices, I am fascinated to understand the inner workings of a faith that is so strong it can push its followers to such extremes. I have since gone on to reserach this further and read more books on this topic as I find it fascinating.


Here is the link to David Ebershoff’s webpage for The 19th Wife, it has a lot of great extra info !


Oh What A Night ! – my 30th b’day shenanigans

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Well Saturday night was the scene of the crime …ahem I mean party, and party we did !. I had all the usual worries about hosting a party for my b’day, I mean its kinda conceited when you think  about it! But I am never one to let fear stand in the way of a good excuse to get boozey. So I did it, I chose a venue and sent out invites all while nervously waiting on rsvp’s to see who would come. And WOW was I impressed with the effort!

I thought I would organise something small, a little low-key event to herald in the onset of my thirties, nothing too big and flashy ( it might draw too much attention to the fact i’m getting old) And to be honest I wasn’t ready to spend $70 on a cab home. So I organised something local, a few quiet drinks at a local Bar/Restaurant with a few of my closest friends. Sounds great right ?

Well of course I don’t do anything small and it turned into a madcap night of mayhem and hijinks. We arrived to a beautiful spot overlooking the Harbour and took over the place. Approximately thirty of my nearest and dearest came along to celebrate my epic milestone.

Friends came from near and very far, I had friends visiting from Singapore and friends who were local. Everyone who came was someone who has formed a part of the life that had brought me to this point. My dearest and oldest friends came all the way from Singapore, We have been friends since childhood and I can’t imagine not sharing this milestone with them.

My bestie Miss Nat was there to share in all the mayhem (we share the same B’day ) and we partied the night away like so many years gone by. We never miss being together for our B’days and this year was no exception.

The Champagne flowed and so did the cocktails. There was more drinks that anyone needed and a lot of hilarity too. What can I say we partied until they kicked us out, and it was brilliant. B’days are always strange you never know how the night will turn out, you worry about how you will look, what you will wear, will you embarrass yourself etc.

I of course went through all these thoughts and more but on the night it was amazing. My party this year exceeded all my expectations!  I got to share it with the most incredible group of people. People I love and who have shaped the person I am today. Friends that have been there through thick and thin, Family who are always there to share ion your special moments. And people I have met only recently.

I felt honoured to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people and to be so spoilt by their outpouring of love. Not to mention the gifts! It was a night to remember and one that I will treasure for many years to come.

I would love to sit here and write in detail about all the funny things that happened and all the laughs we had but you really had to be there. So in short ill say this….It was the best b’day I’ve ever had and I cant wait to do it all again next year.

So a big thanks to the following people who made me feel like the luckiest woman alive on my 30th…..

Tanya, Russell, Elliot, Kelly, Natalie, Renee, Linsey, Nat T, Michael, Cameron, Tina, Katrina, Pete, Alyce, Russell P, Chris, Matt, Kirsten, Neek, Kat, and Daniel.

And a HUGE thank you to Ben and Rachel for coming all that way and sharing in my special day. I love you guys so much, you are family before you are friends. I cant wait to party in your part of the world. Singapore …. BRING IT ON ! …..Thank you for the years of friendship, the advice, the shoulders to cry on, the love and support and the privilege of calling you my friends. Rach we are sister wives forever, I just hope Ben realises what he is taking on 😉  Oh and Ben, we are so doing a girls trip to your house in the snow, Tell Rach I expect wine and lots of it! LOVE YAS XOXOXO

Nat, you are my best friend, I have known you now for 12 years and for each year we get a little closer and a bit more crazy 😉 I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are my partner in crime and I love you dearly. I still remember the first time we found out we shared a b’day ! I wouldn’t share it with anyone but you ! Love you like crazy you make my world a better place. (thank you for the outrageously amazing gift , you spoil me way too much)

Lins, Thank you for being a part of my life these past years, I have had so much fun packed into the time we have known each other, You are my drinking buddy, my shoulder to cry on and my Mummy friend who doesn’t judge. I love the memories we have and I cant wait to watch our daughters grow and make their own together ! (thank you for the beautiful present, I know ill feel like a princess when I wear it all 😉 )

I want to personally thank you all and leave you all messages that express what you mean to me but I would have cramps in my hands before I got halfway down the list! Thanks so much for the memories we have made and the memories we will make, I love being a part of your world and I hope you love being a part of mine too.

And of course I cant forget to thank the man that makes my life possible, Pete you make me laugh when I feel like crying, you love me when no one else would, you take care of me without complaining, you are an amazing father to our little girl, you are the most incredible person in my life and without you my life would be pointless. Thank you for giving me the best gift anyone could, our little girl is the other half of my heart and between the two of you my heart is a whole. I love you more than words can say. 

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Thank you coming to celebrate with me and making me feel like the most spoilt woman in the world. I am blessed to call you my friends, I don’t know where I would be without you !

Love you all

C    xoxoxoxo


These pics are but a mere sample of the thousands that were taken I just don’t feel like uploading more lol 😉

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