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Welcome to my  blog Babble and Books, you can expect exactly that here. Books, reviews, news, mumblings and musings, random facts, music, movie reviews and anything else that interests me.

I post book reviews and booky news but from time to time I  post different more personal content too. I work for an independent book store in Brisbane called TLC Books, located right in the heart of lovely Manly . I am an author on our stores blog, TLC Books at WordPress and I write a lot of reviews and some author interviews on there as well. If you would like to check it out I have posted it among my favourite blogs so look for it in that category.

I really love cooking and I have an intense passion for it. From time to time I post recipes and funny stories about my attempts at recipes on here. I love  hearing from people about their experiences with cooking, or what they thought of a book I have reviewed. So please send recipes and stories of your experiences too. Or even send me a link to your blog I love reading what other people have to say!

I am known to rant endlessly about things I feel passionate and it is not uncommon for me to have a brain snap and get ranty about something I see that makes me angry. I tweet a lot mostly about work and what happens in my personal life and I have included a twitter feed so if your interested you can check out what I’m tweeting about or follow me on Twitter .

I love to laugh so  I’m constantly posting random anecdotes about funny things that happen in my day-to-day life as well. I try to  share things that I find funny or interesting and I hope people enjoy  what I find, I post links to other blogs that I really enjoy reading or stories that make me feel inspired. So if your funny or you know someone who is drop me a line or post their link on here so I can share it with everyone !

I share my work blog from time to time as well which includes lots of interesting news and reviews from the book industry and of course interviews with authors. (I have to say right here and now that my blog is my personal blog and in no way reflects the thoughts or opinions of the business I work for, The opinions here are mine and mine alone).

As a parent to a little girl I have times where I rant or chat about my experiences with parenting. I in no way intend for that to be anything other than funny anecdotes or experiences. I hope to hear funny stories from other parents about their experiences too.

I love to read and share my love of books with people and I adore the written word.  I hope you enjoy what you find here and  what I have to say. Please say hello or leave comments I welcome feedback (as long as its nice)

Look forward to hearing from you !




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  1. Watch Source Code Online
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 13:43:24

    Hey, possibly this post is not on topic but in any event, I have been browsing about your site and it looks really neat. It is easy to see I am creating a new blog and I am struggling to make it look great, and supply excellent subject matter. I have learned a lot here and I look forward to additional updates and will be returning.


  2. Nigel
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 17:48:54

    Hi There,
    I’m Nigel (Twitter username is Nigelinoz)I’m a self employed computer tech but I spent 25 years working as a chef so I have a great interest in cooking,I also love books,in fact at last count I had 4533 books in my collection,the subject matter ranges from cookery (about 1000 of those including a first edition of Larousse Gastronomique) to mud brick house design,I’d love to send you some recipes so if you are interested let me know and I’ll post some.


  3. Helen
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 19:26:49

    Hi there, just signed up to follow your blog. Love to hear your musings on books, cooking and anything else! I also have a blog :
    xx Helen


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